Burning eyes

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  • Burning eyes

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    Burning eyes

    Mu Deng carefully glanced at his companion's face, feeling a little relieved, or the smiling face of Lingshuo son, looks more familiar. A little excited Do you know what that old building is for? It doesn't look like a garden, although I saw Grandma Mu Zhu planting a lot of strange flowers and plants. I thought it was our school library at first! But my aunt reminded me that there was a library in the school, and I thought about it, so I overturned the possibility! "Don't you know what it is?" Mu Deng opened his eyes wide with some incredible, clearly listening to her own words, all talked about, even now still know nothing about it. The heart seems a little too big. It's not an ancient building, it's not a library, it's called the Hidden History Pavilion.. Mu Deng solemnly "corrected". " 'Hidden History Pavilion '? What is the Hidden History Pavilion? Never heard of such a name, Ling Shuo scratched her bangs and asked blankly. There are all kinds of records about the whole hermit clan in the Hermit History Pavilion. With a rare look of awe in his eyes, Mu Deng said solemnly to somewhere in the distance. The whole hermit clan? Record? Ling Shuo frowned. Isn't that the equivalent of the library of the Hermit? “…… Well, you could say that,push button toilet flush valve, but apparently it's bigger than any library. The files inside, which are equivalent to what we call the collection of books, include all of the hermits! "So complete?"? Really? Ling Shuoer was a little surprised. It was the first time she had heard of such a magical place. She just has a lot of questions about the hermit clan in her stomach, which can be turned over in the past now! Many questions that my aunt doesn't say and she can't think of an answer can be solved immediately. Well, really. So, what you said about not seeing the roof is also true. There are so many files that I still don't know how many floors it has-but I often go to the roof. Mu Deng's words gradually increased than just now. I see,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, it sounds very attractive. Ling Shuoer couldn't help sighing. What Mu Deng didn't understand. Oh, nothing-I mean, all these files, you can't read them? Ling Shuoer used a smile to cover up her true thoughts that she had not been careful to reveal. Look? Ha-ha, how can I see it all! My grandmother should have seen it the most, but she didn't see it all. What about you? How much did you see? Ling Shuo son is very curious, unexpectedly Mu Zhu family privately has such a big library, the collection is not the general book, is all about the hermit's all kinds of true records, think about it feel very good. I? I haven't seen much-I've hardly seen.. Mu Deng's face was a little hot, but it soon returned to normal. Ah? Why? This is very different from what Ling Shuo thought. Because, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, under normal circumstances, people are not allowed to see, anyone-except my grandmother. Mu Deng said thoughtfully, in fact, these years she did not understand, why usually do not let see those files, may be to keep secret? "Well." Ling Shuoer was a little disappointed, and if even Mu Zhu didn't have the right to look at the so-called files, she probably couldn't see them either. Happy for nothing-but maybe you can sneak in? Actually, I don't know, it should be like this. During the years when Grandma went out to travel, I would come to the Hidden History Pavilion from time to time, but I just sat on the roof and looked at the sky, never thinking about looking through the files. Mu Deng recalled. Why? Aren't you curious? Ling Shuo son reveals incomprehensible color, such a great opportunity, Mu Deng unexpectedly did not seize! "I heard my grandmother say that not everyone can see the files in the Hidden History Pavilion.".

    She said I couldn't see it, and I didn't know if it was true or not. Mu Deng has always had a doubt in her mind, if she really can't see it as her grandmother said, then she clearly saw the file about "hidden" before. But what her grandmother said should also be true, she sneaked in that time, also turned over other files, indeed opened a vast expanse of whiteness. “……” The faint fire of hope in Ling Shuo's heart was completely extinguished. Is there such a thing?! "Yes, so I sometimes think that my grandmother may not have seen much, and she may not be the person who has seen the most files in the world." "Who will be the person who sees the most?" “…… I don't know, it should be those who can see the records on the file. Mu Deng frowned and hesitated, but he shared his guess. Those who can see the records on the file-who are they? Ling Shuoer really wanted to see those files, so as soon as the fire of hope went out, he heard that someone could see it, and immediately the weak flame shook slightly again. …… I don't know about that. It may be the most powerful or the most noble person of the hermit clan. Mu Deng looked thoughtfully at the girl in front of her, and something flashed through her mind, but she didn't intend to catch it and think about it. Who is the most powerful person or the most noble person of the hermit clan? Ling Shuo refused to give up. …… I don't know. Mu Deng came to her senses and suddenly felt that she might have said too much, beyond her daily speech, and beyond the scope of what she should say as a new generation of Mu. …… Let's go! Mu Zhu! We walked faster and took out all the problems that could not be solved just now and asked Grandma Mu Zhu! I have a hunch that your grandmother must know the answers to these questions! Go Ling Shuo looked up at the front, the hidden history pavilion is in front, can not help but quicken the pace, once again pull up Mu Deng's arm,Time Delay Faucet, together to rush forward. ……” Mu Deng had some helplessness about Ling Shuoer's "action", but he did not "resist". Today, Mu Zhu did not stand at the gate to greet the "guests". So the two children simply rushed in. Grandma Mu Zhu! Mu Zhu Grandma- ".". cnkexin.com

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