Cheng Nai -- Xihua Xiaoyan

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  • Cheng Nai -- Xihua Xiaoyan

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    Cheng Nai -- Xihua Xiaoyan

    Huachen smiled again, but he did not notice that the smile on his face gradually became warm, and his beautiful eyes were full of brilliant smiles. In this way, she was in sharp contrast to Xiyan, whose expression looked like torture. Chapter II "Are you ready, Pinocchio?" Nuozhen stood impatiently in front of his house and raised his voice to ask if there was any mistake. A man spent almost an hour in the morning looking in the mirror, fondling his hair like chicken feathers, pouring styling water on his head like tap water, whistling and smiling. And that person's face is seven points like her. God damn it, he's her brother! But such a younger brother is loved by many little girls. Nuozhen simply despaired of the world, including her brother's "friend" Xu Xiyan, who did admit that he was much better than Nuoqi, but not so good. Huachen agree to his confession! At the beginning of school, she and Hua Chen can become good friends, because both of them are mature enough, different from the girls of the same age, although she is comely but slovenly, Hua Chen is too beautiful; although she is grumpy and irritable, Hua Chen is elegant and gentle. But Nuozhen also understood that Huachen must have her reasons for doing so,14 tube fitting, since she only took "boring" to prevaricate in the past, that is not the time she wanted to say. So she won't ask. And learn to accept it slowly. Come to your senses! Come back to your senses! A big shaking hand suddenly appeared in the line of sight, Nuozhen tightly wrinkled the eyebrows that had already become the word "Chuan": "Are you finally smug?" Pinocchio smiled disapprovingly, accustomed to his elder sister's cynicism. He just pays attention to his image, and makes himself clean and handsome without being punished by God! It's rare to see you in a daze. Go back with cynicism as usual. Hum He gave him a white look and took a step. "Have you changed your girlfriend recently?" "The news is fast enough, it's only been handed in for a few days." "How could I have a brother like you?" The words that have been said countless times come out smoothly. Grinning unbearably, Pinocchio sighed,stainless steel tube fitting, "I really don't want to say, can't you …" "In other words?" Nuozhen nodded understandingly and thought for a moment, "I really don't understand how Xu Xiyan could be friends with you!" What's wrong with me? What's wrong with him? Why not? "He's such a simple man." As the saying goes, those who are close to ink are black and those who are close to vermilion are red. It is impossible for him to bring you well, so. Alas, the People's Republic of China will lose another good young man! "Am I that miserable?" Although Xu Xiyan is really simple, but the purity is not as high as 100%, perhaps not even 30%. But now most boys are 10%, and Nuoqi has 1% is good, "sister, do you think he is very good?"? I heard a lot of senior girls like him, and you wouldn't.. "Ha." Nuozhen sneered disdainfully, "Your existence makes me hate all the boys who are one year younger than me." "How could I have a sister like you?" Finally, it's Pinocchio's turn to say something so unoriginal. Right back at you In this way, brass tube fitting ,38 needle valve, two people speak coldly, but they are very happy to go to school. Smiling, Hua Chen greeted Nuo Zhen, who had just entered the class. "Good morning. Does someone owe you money?"? You look so bad. "Not my brother yet!" Much more serious than not being in debt! "It's your brother again." Huachen laughed, this pair of sister and brother live off a pair of treasures, the mutual irony as a simple meal, the quarrel as a big meal, and rarely really angry, a long time without dialogue is never the case. If they take part in the cross talk competition, they will definitely get the gold medal. You have a really good relationship. It was the envy of others, especially an only daughter like her. OK Staring in disbelief, she felt a cold wind blowing straight at the back of her head. "Don't you have a hidden type?"? Is your eyesight so bad? Hua Chen shook her hand and decided not to discuss this topic with this unconscious person, which she obviously hated very much. Here's the business: "Do me a favor?" "What?" Ask your brother for a schedule of their class.

    ” "What?" "I want your brother's schedule!" "Hua Chen, don't tell me it's for Xu Xiyan." Nozhen blinked and blinked expectantly and said no, said no, but. There's really only one reason, and it's obvious. Hua Chen nodded slowly with a seemingly shy smile. I'm, now, in, just, go. Turning 180 degrees, Nuozhen walked out of the class completely mechanically with the goose-step posture she had learned in military training. She accepted the truth, completely accepted it, but it hit her too hard. The iceberg beautiful woman flower morning that, unexpectedly goes to ask for a little boy's class schedule, too madam. For boyfriends and girlfriends, it's normal. Xu Xiyan's wishful thinking is perfect. The last one was a physical education class. With special permission, he stayed in the basketball hall to play basketball for a class, and then stayed there while others went to dinner, trying to muddle through on the grounds that he had practiced too hard and forgot to make an appointment with Huachen for dinner. He admitted that there was a lack of grace in doing so, but Xu Xiyan had never had the so-called gentlemanly demeanor. He threw himself into a beautiful three point shot, wiped the sweat on his forehead with a T-shirt, and the feeling of dripping after the exercise made him smile with satisfaction. Now only when playing basketball, you can temporarily forget your embarrassing and painful situation. Hey, speaking of this, I think of it again. There was a trace of guilt in his heart. It was a farce from the beginning, and he couldn't tell the truth. It ended with a joke. And now you're missing the appointment. I wonder what she's doing now? I should have expected that he would break the appointment, so I went to dinner with Nuozhen. The coke that took somebody to pass, want to also do not want to open drink empty, the female voice with pleasant to hear soft ring in the ear: "Practice finished?" Hua Chen really expected that he would miss the appointment, so when he got his schedule and found that the last class was physical education, he lied that he was not feeling well and left the classroom a few minutes earlier, ready to intercept him. Who knows,hydraulic fitting supplier, just in time for Pinocchio coming out of the gym. Looking for Xiyan? He's in there. Hey, what's wrong with me telling the truth? Pinocchio suppressed a snicker and swaggered to find his little girlfriend for dinner! With friends like Nuoqi, all Xu Xiyan's wishful thinking will never be perfect and come true.

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