God of War of the Three Kingdoms

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  • God of War of the Three Kingdoms

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    God of War of the Three Kingdoms

    Just as he thought, the unscrupulous brain in the cave raised his head and smiled at the little girl's suspicious eyes. "You don't have to be afraid. I'm a fairy boy. I won't hurt you!" When Zhen Mi saw that the little baby was talking again, he was greatly surprised and amused. He shrank back and said doubtfully, "What is a fairy boy?" "Don't say I'm a thing," he said angrily! I am a fairy in the sky, because I am small, like a child, so I am called a fairy boy, do you understand? Zhan Mi nodded obediently, still not quite understanding what he meant. Unscrupulous wisdom brain complexion is slow, sigh: "Forget, said you also do not understand.". You just need to know that we are all good people, good people, that's all! Zhen Mi nodded his head repeatedly. He looked at the cute girl, rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "The man just now is actually a great hero. His name is Liu Sha. He is the general of Jianwei in the court. I just made him the King of Wuwei. Have you heard of him?" Zhan Mi stared at his big innocent eyes and thought for a long time. Then he exclaimed, "I remember. My mother mentioned that there was a bad man named Liu Sha. She also said that he had robbed a lot of civilian women to go home and forbade them to come out. Is that him?" The unscrupulous wisdom brain is startled, repeatedly shakes the hand way: "That is the bad person makes the propaganda, actually does not have this matter at all!" He was so eloquent that he explained to the girl carefully that he described yuan Shao, Liu Bei and others as the worst bad guys in the world. They were cruel and heartless to the people, disloyal to the emperor, and unjust to their subordinates. Feng Sha appeared as a good man who knocked down these bad guys. With the world in his heart, he was extremely benevolent to the people, loyal to the emperor, especially to the queen mother and the queen, and devoted himself to saving the country and the people. This time came to Yecheng, is also to save the people in fire and water, not hesitate to risk alone, to assassinate the big villain Lombardi. As a result, he was chased by Lombardi's subordinates, but he still couldn't bear to see the girl being maimed by the bad guys, so he took the risk of taking her with him and rescued her. Later, the unscrupulous brain was convinced by himself, gesticulating and foaming at the mouth: "If you don't believe me, you can see how many things those bad guys robbed your family last night. If the eldest brother hadn't beaten them away, your family might not have been harmed by them!" When Zhen Mi heard this, he was so excited that he exclaimed, "He's so awesome!"! Is he the most powerful man in the world? Think of mother and elder brother, sisters have said that defeated lyu3 bu4 fierce character, unexpectedly in his side, also holding his fight for so long, not from joy. Seeing her expression, Wu Liangzhi was also overjoyed and said with a smile, "Do you know that a beauty should match a hero?" Zhen Mi frowned for a moment and said hesitantly, "I seem to have heard my sisters say that.". But what is a beauty and what is a hero? With an evil smile, he put his face close to him and whispered, "You are a beauty. Oh, yes, your sisters are also beauties. Who else can compare with my eldest brother?" Mi Zhen thought strangely, feeling a little confused: "Do you mean that my sisters and I should match your eldest brother?"? What does that mean? "That is to say, side impact beams ,aluminium coated steel tube, you will marry my eldest brother and be his wife and concubine, just as your mother and aunt are your father's wife and concubine," he said with a smile. "Do you understand?" Zhan Mi murmured, "Like my mother and aunts?"? Ah, you mean I'm going to live in his house and live with him, right? Unscrupulous wisdom brain nods at once: "Right, right, you are really clever, that's what I mean!" Chapter 127 warm spring in the cave. After listening to the words of unscrupulous wisdom, Zhan Mi slanted his little head and gently bit his cherry lips with his snow-white and smooth shellfish teeth, thinking carefully. Unscrupulous wisdom looked longingly at the beautiful girl, waiting for her to nod, even if the matter was settled.

    After thinking for a while, Zhen Mi pursed his lips and shook his head. "I don't want to live in his house," he said. "I still like to stay in my own house." "You don't know," he said hurriedly. "It's fun at his house!"! There is a big place inside, there are mountains and rivers, there are flowers and grass, beautiful! There are many deer, cranes, beautiful cats and dogs, and many beautiful sisters to play with you. You can pick flowers and catch butterflies in the garden, hold a kitten in a boat on the water, and bake food in the garden for as long as you want! With a cry of surprise and a twinkle in his eyes, Mi Zhen exclaimed, "Is there really such an interesting place?" With joy in his heart, Wu Liangzhi picked up his three-millimeter tongue and tried desperately to persuade him: "There are a lot of new clothes in his house, all of which are made of the best brocade and silk.". If you want to wear any beautiful clothes, just say it, and someone will send it to you right away! If you don't have it in the wardrobe, all you have to do is tell me the style and color of the clothes, and in less than two days, the new clothes will be ready to make you look beautiful, and none of your sisters can compare with you! When Zhen Mi heard this, his face was full of joy and he was fascinated. Young as she was, she loved beauty as well as other girls, and often tripped up with her sisters over a new dress. And although the Zhen family is rich, in this world are all hungry people in troubled times, also can not often take out spare money to make new clothes for her to wear. She wanted a beautiful dress for a long time and begged her mother, but she always refused. Hearing this, Zhen Mi exclaimed in surprise, "I want a pink silk dress. It must be very beautiful when I put it on." "Yes, as long as you marry him, you'll have all kinds of new clothes and valuable jewelry," he said with a smirk. Mi Zhen was thrilled. She also liked her mother's beautiful jewelry, but her mother refused to wear it for her. Instead, she gave some to her two oldest sisters. She was so anxious that she cried. She went to her sister's room to try on their jewelry, but they hid it mysteriously and refused to try it on for her. If you really have beautiful jewelry, you must be greedy for your sisters and let them be stingy! Thinking of this, she hurriedly asked, "Do those jewelry look good?" Unscrupulous wisdom brain repeatedly nodded: "good-looking, good-looking, the most beautiful jewelry in the world,stainless steel tube 304, in his home!"! Even if not, as long as he said, the best jewelry craftsmen in Luoyang would rush to give him their own jewelry! 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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