China Hoist And Trolley

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  • China Hoist And Trolley

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    China Hoist And Trolley

    China Hoist And Trolley  Hand Chain Hoist
    1. The manual chain hoist design and manufacture according to the standard En13157, main components and the whole machine performance are through strict inspection and testing, the reliability of the products greatly improved, guarantee the safety of the use of personnel in the use.
    2. Using low alloy steel structure, safe and reliable, durable.
    3. With 800 mpa high strength lifting chain, forging type design ensure that slowly lifting hook to prevent overload; Comply with the European CE safety standards. High safety factor, long service life.
    4. The overall bearing, greatly improving the product performance, service life and easy maintainability.
    5. Steady running, high efficiency, hand-board force is small.
    6. With double pawl, stamping guide chain plate (double idler pulley structure), more safety and reliable.
    7. The body's small size, light weight, easy to carry.
    8. Reasonable, compact structure, smooth operation, nice appearance novel.
    9. Unique overload device (one-way clutch adopts patent technology, for your selection.
    10. Shell material is high quality alloy steel, strong wear resistance, high safety performance.China Hoist And Trolley

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