Oriental Jade Oriental First Sword

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  • Oriental Jade Oriental First Sword

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    Oriental Jade Oriental First Sword

    "My father has set up a branch in Jinling," said Lin Zhongda, "and my brother is in charge of it." "But he became Jiang," said Lu Changrong. The deputy commander of Nanfen Command has also learned martial arts.. As soon as Lin Chung-ta's body shook, his tone, which meant that his elder brother's tone, was already very obvious. He said that he had killed his master and his wife, and that the twelve evil spirits in black had followed him. The man transferred from the north is his elder brother. This, now come to think of it, really very likely, because at that time Ge Zhenwu has not come to take over the Lord, Jiangnan sub-order. It was commanded by the deputy commander, who certainly had the right to transfer the master from the north to the south of the Yangtze River. As soon as he thought about it, his face turned pale and his forehead began to sweat. He looked at his elder brother and stammered, "I can't believe it, little brother!" The instigator who killed the master and the teacher's wife turned out to be my elder brother, which taught my younger brother how to live up to the master and the teacher's wife.. Chu Yu-hsiang shook his body and said, "What?"? Will he be the one who killed his adoptive father and mother? "Not bad!" Someone answered Walked in and said, "I gave the order." With the voice, it was Liang Huijun who came in. "What did you say?" Asked Chu Yu-hsiang. Liang Huijun said with a wry smile, "I'm telling the truth. I've been listening outside the door for a long time. No one can testify except me." "" "You.." said Chu Yu-hsiang. "Listen to Miss Liang, Younger Martial Brother," said Lu Changrong. "Miss Liang, please sit down," he said, raising his eyes. Liang Huijun sat down, raised his hand and swept his hair from his temples,electronic board for classroom, saying, "Lin Mengda is the godson of Aunt Qin, the director. Aunt Qin was sent to Jin." Ling has been many years, Lin Mengda to the door of Taijun, of course, is also recommended by Aunt Qin. "Who is Tai Jun?" Asked Chu Yuxiang. Liang Huijun said, "I don't know about that either, because I'm just a subordinate of Aunt Qin, the director. The order of Jiangnan has always been given by Qin Da." Niang is in charge,smartboards for business, Lin Mengda threw himself under the door of Taijun for ten years, and did not come back until a year ago. "That's not right," said Lin Zhongda. "My brother goes back to Zhenjiang every three months." Liang Huijun said, "Your brother pretends to be Chief Escort Lu. Didn't you come back to the East China Sea Escort Agency? "Did they pretend to be my brother?" Asked Lin Zhongda in horror. Liang Huijun said, "That's what Aunt Qin, the director, meant. Yan Tieqiao pretended to be Lin Mengda, because there were many sub-orders in Jiangnan." With the support of a silk shop, the source of income will be available. "That's it," said Lin Zhongda. "Over the years, our Jinling branch has not only failed to make money, but has also lost money from time to time." Liang Huijun continued, "One year, Yan Tieqiao, who pretended to be Lin Mengda, came back to Zhenjiang. Unexpectedly, after drinking, he was accidentally killed by you." Sister-in-law found that sister-in-law committed suicide in shame, and Aunt Qin asked me to pretend to be your sister-in-law. Later Lin Mengda is back, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart boards for conference rooms, and I.. Also I had to keep playing it. After all, she was a girl, and when she said these words, her face was pink and red, which was really a bit of an embarrassment. "What happened next?" Asked Chu Yu-hsiang. Liang Huijun said, "Until three days before the Pure Brightness this year, Lin Mengda gave me a secret letter and ordered me to go to the city of grimace to deliver the order." Make.. "Slow down!" Chu Yu-hsiang asked, "Your order is to kill my godfather.". About the foster mother? Liang Huijun said, "There is a very strict rule in this school. You can't ask too much about anything you shouldn't know. I sent it at that time." It was only a secret letter, and there were already twelve men in black with black faces sitting around a big stone in the grimace city. "Twelve evil spirits in black," said Chu Yu-hsiang. "I didn't know who they were at first," said Liang Huijun. "I just delivered the secret card and it was all right. Then Lin Mengda and I Back to Zhenjiang together, only a day later, that is, Pure Brightness day, it was reported that the East China Sea Gate Wentian Daxia and his wife were killed, the twelve The man in black was also dead. Only then did I know that it was Master Wen and his wife who were going to be killed by the secret letter, and that Chuntao was going to be wounded by Vice Chief Lin In the medicine, he did something secretly to prevent him from recovering from the wound. If Shaoxia Chu hadn't healed him, Vice Chief Escort Lin would still be in bed. It hasn't healed yet! Chu Yu-hsiang said angrily, "What a cruel thing! Even his brothers can do it. I really shouldn't have let him go tonight." Yes.

    ” Liang Huijun said, "My concubine thought you would find out if you caught him, but I didn't expect you to let him go easily." He Lu Changrong looked at Liang Huijun and said, "Why did Miss Liang break away from them and come to us?" Liang Huijun blushed and said with tears in her eyes, "My concubine used to be the daughter of a good family. Because my father lived in Jinling, I was a concubine at that time." Only eight years old, father and daughter depend on each other, unfortunately, my father died of illness, after the death of no burial, by the Qin aunt to pay for the burial of a concubine. From then on, he practiced martial arts with Aunt Qin. Later, he asked his concubine to replace the young wife of the Lin family. His concubine lost her virginity to Yan Tieqiao first, and then she lost her virginity again After Lin Meng-ta, he taught his concubine how to endure? And after Lin Mengda came back, Yan Tieqiao pestered his concubine from time to time. People, suffering from their ravages, have long had the heart to break away, but Jiangnan points have many eyes and ears, if you want to escape from the clutches of evil, what can you say? Easy? Although Jianghu is big, the concubines have the feeling that there is no place to accommodate them. Later, when your Bureau resumed business, the Jiangnan sub-order was frustrated again and again, and the concubines were added Determined, so only to vote to your Bureau. When she spoke, the beads were falling, which was really pitiful! "I'm sorry, Miss Liang," said Lu Changrong apologetically. "My brother is a warrior. One word made the girl sad." Liang Huijun wiped away her tears and said, "Chief Escort Lu should have asked me about my concubine." Chu Yu-hsiang stood up and said: "Second Elder Martial Brother, come on, let's go see Uncle Lin. Your eldest brother is the real murderer of your adoptive father and mother, and your sister-in-law is also dead." "I'm afraid Uncle Lin doesn't know anything about these things. He should go and make it clear to him." "Shaoxia Chu," said Liang Huijun, "it's no use for you to go now. I'm afraid Lin Mengda has already left." Chu Yu-hsiang said, "As long as I know it's him, I don't think he can escape to the ends of the earth. But a lot of things have happened in the Second Elder Martial Brother's home." "I should have told Uncle Lin about it." "Shaoxia Chu,interactive panel board," said Liang Huijun, "even if you want to go, you should listen to your concubine." "Is there anything else?" Asked Chu Yu-hsiang. 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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