Deceased System _ 20200215155747.

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  • Deceased System _ 20200215155747.

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    Deceased System _ 20200215155747.

    The two men fought for ten minutes. Chu Tianming picked up a pair of giant axes from Li Bu with a sword and put it directly across his neck. You lost. Chu Tianming said lightly. I "Leeb opened his eyes wide in disbelief." Hmm? Chu Tianming frowned, the blade of the sword trembled slightly, and immediately drew a blood stain on Li Bu's neck. Leeb felt a sharp pain and suddenly came to his senses from his confusion. "I lost," he said dejectedly. Chu Tianming nodded with satisfaction and removed the sword from the edge of his neck. This Li Bu is still straightforward, Chu Tianming wants to subdue it, so he does not intend to kill him, but intends to wait until he leaves the beautiful Heavenly Palace, he will be his own mount. Pretty good! This Li Bu's prototype, is a Tyrannosaurus, is a dinosaur type of God beast, blood is not lower than Chu Tianming's gluttony, but the environment of the small demon world is too bad, plus his body faintly has multiple layers of seal suppression, so that he can not advance to the big Luo Jinxian, otherwise the ownership of the small demon world's demon emperor, can be hard to say. What's your name? Chu Tianming asked. Li Bu looked up at Chu Tianming and replied, "Li Bu, what was the name of your sword just now?" "Leeb!" Chu Tianming smiled and said to Li Bu, "That's a sword move I learned from a swordsmanship. Its main function is to confuse the enemy's eyes and influence his judgment." "So that's it!" Leeb suddenly said, "No wonder I felt that your sword was stabbing my chest before, but when I was really subdued by you,38 tube fitting, I found that the blade was already against my neck." Chu Tianming smiled, this kind of sword move he is not commonly used at ordinary times, with the amazing style and the breaking style, this kind of sword move is less used, but now the immortal yuan force is sealed, the two types of sword moves can not be used, so these abandoned sword moves were moved to the front,ball valve manufacturer, if Li Bu knew that defeating his sword move was only Chu Tianming's abandoned sword move, I guess I have to be so angry that I have to spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. All right, Li Bu, I will find you when I leave the Splendid Heavenly Palace. I know you have noble blood, but there are nine seals in your body. I have a way to help you, but specifically, I will talk to you after I go out. Chu Tianming said in one breath, and without looking at Li Bu's surprised eyes, he walked to the center of the seventh floor. By the way, you can go. Chu Tianming suddenly turned around and said. Li Bu put away the surprise in his eyes and nodded gently. The next moment, Li Bu's figure gradually faded away, until completely disappeared, and at this time, the top of the seventh floor of the rock wall also cracked a hole, fell a rainbow, pipe fittings manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, to meet Chu Tianming to the eighth floor. When Li Bu returned to the fourth floor, he found himself sitting cross-legged on the previous stone, while the thousand-eyed demon king and the demon emperor in front of him were staring at him tightly. Li Bu stood up and was about to say something when he felt a huge suction force coming from under him, which sucked him directly, and the next moment, he was transported out of the beautiful Heavenly Palace. Watching Li Bu involuntarily being sucked away, and then sent out, Qingya and the demon emperor immediately felt a sense of inexplicable worry. From the matchless sisters at the beginning, to Mo Ni and Li Bu behind, is it the next turn. "Am I next?" Qingya thought to herself. The next moment, a voice suddenly appeared in her mind, and then she sat down cross-legged automatically, and was enveloped by a layer of golden light. < B > Youyou is the fastest update. Please collect Youyou. Chapter six hundred and forty war demon emperor! (Top) Stepping into the eighth floor, this means that Chu Tianming is not far from breaking through the Tower of Babel. The nine-storey Tower of Babel has passed through seven floors, and there are still two floors left. Before entering the eighth floor, Chu Tianming had a vague premonition, and when he stepped into the eighth floor, the person who appeared in front of him confirmed his previous premonition. It's you! Qingya exclaimed. Chu Tianming smiled, "are you surprised?" "A little. What floor is this?" Qingya looked around and found that it was only a closed space, and it could not be seen that it was the first floor of the beautiful Heavenly Palace.

    "On the sixth floor, here is the Tower of Babel on the sixth floor. I have gone through the Tower of Babel on the seventh floor before, and there are still two floors left." Chu Tianming said truthfully. So now I'm a roadblock for you. Said Qingya with a smile. Pretty good Chu Tianming nodded, "I killed the matchless sisters and Mo Ni before, and Li Bu was defeated by me. I know the matchless sisters and Mo Ni are your people. If you want to avenge the three of them, you can start now." "You think I would hurt you for them?" Qingya looked at Chu Tianming with a complicated face. "Tianming, you have changed a lot from before. Can you tell me why?" Have I changed? Chu Tianming looked at her, "this is the real me, but you have never known me before, since you do not want revenge, then I advise you to leave on your own, you are not my opponent!" Qingya did not speak, but just looked at Chu Tianming like this. After half a ring, she began to laugh. You put on this cold look, not good-looking, I still like you before, I go first, I wait for you in the city of thousands of eyes. Qingya looked at Chu Tianming quietly. The body slowly fades. You must come to me, I will always wait for you! The figure disappeared, leaving only her last words, echoing in the eighth layer of space, a long time can not be dispersed. Chu Tianming stood in place, his mouth opened and closed, his eyes revealing a trace of joy. At this time, the rock wall above suddenly opened a hole. A rainbow light fell with it. Chu Tianming looked up. He said to himself, "It seems that I am not cruel enough."! I actually relented, hehe. With a light smile,12 needle valve, Chu Tianming walked up the Hongqiao Bridge and walked toward the ninth floor. Qingya returned to the fourth floor and was soon transported out like Leeb. This time, on the fourth floor of the huge blue sky, there was only one demon emperor left. He looked at the empty road behind him. Suddenly there was an indescribable sense of depression in my heart.

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