Undercover wife; CEO, it's a big deal.

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  • Undercover wife; CEO, it's a big deal.

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    Undercover wife; CEO, it's a big deal.

    Ma Gao was dumbfounded. Why did the master throw him away? Although he shouted, the extended car did not stop. Ma Gao sat on the ground. What's the matter today? The master and the young master finished talking. It seemed that they were all unhappy. He had to wait for a taxi again. pqc0—— Luo Shuiyou slept a night after getting up in the morning, feel a lot of spirit, strength also recovered a little, can walk freely in the room, will not feel hobbled. She pushed open the door and came out. She found her mother staring at the door. Her father seemed surprised and looked very strange. What happened? Let them not eat early in the morning, stand here, you look at me, I look at you. Shuiyou stretched himself, followed his father's eyes to the door, and found a lot of bodyguards in black suits standing at the door, because of this? It's not unusual that Lan Xuanye left his men here to protect him. That guy is just like that, self-righteous, doing whatever he wants, but there's nothing wrong with that. At least the police can save some strength to track down Les Wind. But that's not what seemed to surprise Mom and Dad, because Shuiyou saw a man dressed as a chef with a tall hat and a woman in a suit with gold-rimmed glasses and a briefcase in her hand. I think you may be going the wrong way. Mr. Luo said modestly to the man and the woman. Not wrong, I am a Japanese super chef, can cook many national dishes, was hired to work here for a month, responsible for Miss Luo Shuiyou's family meals, of course, Miss Luo's recovery is the main. The male chef introduced himself respectfully, as well as the purpose of coming here,ultrasonic cutting machine, constantly bowing, so that Shuiyou bared his teeth, full of awkwardness. I am a nutrition expert, responsible for Miss Luo Shuiyou's diet and nutrition. The woman pushed her glasses and said confidently. She is responsible for the nutrition program, I am responsible for making it, I hope it can match Miss Luo's appetite, please take care of it. The man finished and bowed deeply. Nutrition experts and chefs? Luo Shuiyou opened his mouth wide. Who invited him, father or mother? Mr. Luo and Mrs. Luo were also confused and said awkwardly, "But we didn't hire you.." I'm so sorry. "It was Mr. Lan Xuanye who hired us. I hope Miss Luo will recover as soon as possible!" "We can get to work." The gold-rimmed woman opened the briefcase, took out the copy, and handed it to the cook: "The arrangement for these three days." "Okay, I'll do it." The cook looked around the room for a week, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic generator driver, quickly determined the direction of the kitchen, then opened the door and went in. Several bodyguards then sent some special cooking utensils in. After a while, the kitchen of the Luo family changed greatly. Mrs. Luo saw the cooking utensils thrown out of the house and exclaimed. My God, you're messing up my kitchen. "According to nutrition, the material and thickness of some of your cooking utensils will cause some nutrients to be lost and must be replaced. Please understand, Mrs. Luo." The gold-rimmed glasses spoke in a serious and indisputable manner. Luo Shuiyou looked at everything in front of him and felt so embarrassed that his teeth were itching to wipe his sister, Lan Xuanye, did he have nothing to do and want to be beaten? 4 more Chapter 211 of the main text: Shall I be your boyfriend? Blue Xuan night in a little bit to permeate Luo Shuiyou's life, supplements, nutritionists, Japanese super chef, what's next, there will be more sugar-coated shells bombing, Shuiyou embarrassed to look at his father and mother, also saw the doubts in their eyes, do not know how to explain, if that man has nothing to do with her, who will believe it? Sitting at the breakfast table, all eating habits changed greatly. An early morning, the table was full of food. Luo Shuiyou's breakfast seemed to be forced. There was one thing he didn't eat. The nutritionist with wire-rimmed glasses opened the conversation box and introduced the benefits of this food for physical rehabilitation. Shuiyou had to bite the bullet to eat in order to keep his ears clean. After eating, Shuiyou felt full enough, but professional is professional, the taste is really good. Miss Luo can't eat casually. It's not good for her recovery.

    ” "Say hello to me before it tastes best." "We will come at noon, so we will bring the ingredients with us. Mrs. Luo doesn't have to buy them. The ingredients you bought are not up to standard." Gold-rimmed glasses introduced her next job, which was lunch. Cooks and nutritionists, however, are very competent. They leave when they are finished and never stay more. Listening to the nutritionist's advice over and over again, Luo Shuiyouduan could not bear it. He thought that he could be quiet at home and enjoy the life at home. Now it seems that this right has been deprived. He can't eat the meals cooked by his mother. His diet is restricted. This situation will continue for a month. Lan Xuanye, this bastard, no matter his good intentions or bad intentions, she will break his head! Tell this man that he doesn't have to worry about her life. Mr. Luo was very satisfied with the breakfast. The chef was really first-class. The food he made was very appetizing and good for Shuiyou's recovery. Mrs. Luo looked unhappy. She had been cooking for decades and was suddenly deprived of the right to cook. Some of them were not tasty. How much does a meal cost? It's a waste to throw away if you can't finish it. Mrs. Luo was very upset. She had always been used to living frugally and cooking as much as she could. She was distressed to see that she could not eat at this table. It's really unreasonable to let Mr. Lan spend money like this. When he comes, don't let him go. Let's have a meal together to express our gratitude. Mr. Luo picked up the newspaper and read it while making suggestions. I've thought about it. Let Lan Xuanye stay for dinner? Luo Shuiyou frowned, this is absolutely that guy's stratagem, step by step, first into the door, the living room, then the dining room, and then grandly into the hall, become a frequent visitor to the Luo family,ultrasonic welding transducer, Dad has been moved by his sincerity. No way Luo Shuiyou directly denied his father's proposal. Shuiyou, why not? We can't freeload. It all costs money. What's the matter with you and him? Ever since I came back from my illness, I've been so mysterious. Why does Dad feel like you're hiding from Mr. Blue? 。 fycgsonic.com

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