Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Guide - Best Ladder Season 4 Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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  • Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Guide - Best Ladder Season 4 Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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    Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Guide - Best Ladder Season 4 Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

    根据暗黑破坏神游戏全球社区发展指导,即将到来的暗黑破坏神2复活天梯第4赛季只会有一个小补丁,这意味着D2R 2.7和第4赛季不会有重大变化,另一个证据是不会有PTR这次。我们基本上可以期待一个带有一些小改进和错误修复的天梯重置。如果您想知道在 D2R 天梯第 4 赛季开始时玩哪些职业和构建,我们从 Reddit 用户 u/mitch_semen 那里得到了一些建议,包括一些针对不同职业的元构建。没有真正昂贵或中等昂贵的 D2R Ladder Items,您可以尝试将它们作为 Ladder 4 的入门级物品。

    D2R 第 4 季死灵法师的最佳构建

    Bone Necromancer 是几乎所有东西的真正全能构建,即使它在任何方面都不是最好的。它提供可靠的魔法伤害,低于 HammerDin,但带来更多乐趣。此外,你不需要召唤军队并等待他们杀死来获得 CE 滚动,你不能推到 p8 但你可以面对游戏中几乎每个区域的滚动,玩家数量较少。

    D2R 第 4 季女巫最佳搭配

    Lightning Sorceress is a popular build option in the game, which serves general purposes. It is also the best key farmer, even with budget gear the Countess and Summoner are pushovers, Nihlathak usually isn't light-immune, and Crescent Moon is a cheap weapon that makes you a viable Mephisto farmer for early game. standard 117 FCR Lightning/Chain Lightning variant using Crescent Moon is the strongest and most balanced variant of this build. If you are more of an aggressive style, Nova Sorc uses Infinity with Energy Shield and an Insight on mercenary is recommended.


    The Javazon is another very efficient farmer in high density areas and you will spend most of your time in the Cow level once you have completed the game. The build is focused around the Lightning Fury ability, which launches lightning powered javelins into groups of enemies and releasing lightning bolts in all directions. You can combine this with the Pierce skill in the Passive and Magic skill tree to allow this skill to hit multiple times and cause devastating damage. With early game gear the build is very much limited to the cow level given there are no lightning immune monsters there, however it is very efficient and will allow you to generate currency at a good rate.

    Playing through as a Javazon is fairly straight forward, the Power Strike ability is available early on and does good damage with a few points inside. You can then obtain Charged Strike a bit further on which provides a good boost, and finally Lightning Fury at Level 30 which takes care of monster packs in no time! Similar to the Trapsin you will require a Lower Resist wand for your journey through Hell difficulty, however this is easily obtained from a wand vendor after a few resets.

    D2R Season 4 Best Build for Barbarian

    The reason why Frenzy Barbarian is put here is that it can do everything, and dual wielding makes the gearing pretty flexible, you can handle different situations. Frenzy Barb is also a safe budget choice for Ubers, especially for offline players. This is easy to get a one-shot as well.

    D2R Season 4 Best Build for Paladin

    FoHdin (Fist of the Heavens Paladin) was ever a meta in Patch 2.4, it is fun to play and still meta after 2.6. FoHdin is mainly focusing on range casting and single-player farming, it also gets some benefits from the Sunder Charms. With Holy Bolt, it can deal tons of magic damage, enemies that are immune to magic will be damaged.

    总之,《暗黑破坏神 2:复活的天梯》第 4 赛季是一个令人兴奋的机会,可以测试您的技能、与其他冒险家竞争并获得独家奖励。您可以通过拥抱早期的冲刺、使用有效的练级方法、与他人合作以及优化您的角色构建和装备来增加成功的机会。在选择可靠且信誉良好的平台来获取暗黑破坏神 2 复活的天梯物品时,https://www.igmeet.com/D2r-ladder-Items 是首选。有便宜的 D2R Ladder Items 出售给所有玩家

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