Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

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  • Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

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    Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

    Seeing Chen Danfeng's face appearing in the monitor, Qin Shu frowned, and then because he had blacklisted his phone before, he didn't want to talk to him. He wanted him to wait outside foolishly. When she couldn't open the door and left in disgrace, Qin Shu noticed that Chen Danfeng couldn't open the door all the time. He picked up his cell phone and contacted someone. Mom Dad's outside. When Chen Yiming received a phone call from Chen Danfeng, he was a little embarrassed. He said that he came to see their brother and sister and accused his mother of not opening the door. Chen Yiming did not want to open it to him, but Chen Danfeng was Chen Yiming's father after all. So no matter how much rejection Chen Yiming had given birth to in his heart, some emotions still made him completely ignore Chen. So he chose to come out and tell Qin Shu about it. Do you want him to come in? Open the door if you want. Qin Shu did not force the attitude of Chen Yiming's brother and sister, so looking at Chen Yiming standing there with a tangled face, he knew that he actually wanted to open the door to Chen Danfeng, so he taught him the initiative. He said to come and see us, and I.. I'll let him come in and sit for a while, and then let him go. Mom, if you don't want to see him, you can avoid him. Chen Yiming had heard Qin Shu talking to Chen Danfeng before, so at this time he was afraid of Qin Shu's uncomfortable suggestion, but Qin Shu wanted to see what medicine Chen Danfeng was selling, and said she was here. Then I'll call Yifei and Yan ran, too. Chen Yiming pressed the door button beside the monitor to Chen Danfeng, and went to call Chen Yifei and Chen Yanran who were studying. Dad. Dad Chen Yifei saw Chen Danfeng Leng, this is Qin Shu and Chen Danfeng after the divorce, nearly two months, Chen Yifei once saw Chen Danfeng. Yifei has grown taller. After Chen Danfeng entered the house, Qin Shu and Chen Yiming, who was entangled in his heart,plastic pallet crates, looked at him with a cold face, which made him a little embarrassed. His youngest son, Chen Yifei, called him to give him a chance to open his mouth. He stepped forward and raised his hand to touch his head, but Chen Yifei subconsciously dodged and turned to look at Qin Shu who did not speak. Yan ran, beautiful again. Chen Yifei dodged the action, let Chen Danfeng some unhappy, but also some humiliated, see Qin Shu cold face, like mocking his eyes,plastic pallet manufacturer, also hold your breath to tease by the foreign nanny holding Chen Yan ran, want to tease Chen Yan ran called him "Dad", Chen Yan ran but as early as in the dozens of days did not see him, his memory is blurred, listen to his words tilted his head to look at the next, do not know who he is also ignored him. Instead, he reached out to Qin Shu for a hug. Qin Shu hugged Chen Yan ran, Chen Yan ran immediately smiled and kissed her, love Jiao greasy on Qin Shu, touching her face without makeup to play. Uh. I came to see some children. No one spoke, Chen Danfeng broke the silence and said the reason he came, and this reason, do not say Qin Shu will not believe, Chen Yifei looked at him empty-handed, do not believe. Dozens of days did not see the child, to visit, not to say to the big Chen Yiming and Chen Yifei to bring gifts, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill pallet, Chen Yan ran so small, I am afraid to buy a toy to be a father for a long time did not see the child to visit the heart. You see, but we're going out in half an hour. Qin Shu is not good to completely block Chen Danfeng as a father to visit several children, so coldly set the time for Chen Danfeng to see the children for half an hour, and then did not say much to him, sitting aside to play with Chen Yan ran. Chen Danfeng sees Qin Shu to ignore him, unlike before everything revolves around him, the mood is a little depressed. Before Chen Danfeng will also because Qin Shu for him and Zhang Xuanxuan, and feel that Qin Shu still has feelings for him and complacent, feel that Qin Shu or the original love him to death Lin Yaru, will not give birth to any emotional changes. But when he saw that Qin Shu was going to start a new relationship and blacklisted him, Chen Danfeng knew from Qin Shu's increasingly cold and hateful attitude towards him that Qin Shu might really have come out and no longer be affectionate to him. Such a change, for Chen Danfeng, who has always been arrogant and proud of his male charm, is a blow. Not to mention, the deep-rooted bad habits of men, or the deep-rooted bad habits of many people, also make Chen Danfeng unacceptable. A woman who once loved him to death, knelt down and looked up at him, to love other men, to transfer all the good and emotions to other men.

    Chen Danfeng is not as he once said to Lin Yaru, do not mind her like him, go out to find a wild man. At that time, he would say that Lin Yaru, but Lin Yaru loved him very much, so much that it was impossible to betray this emotion, so he would say to let Lin Yaru go to other men like him, to do so, in order to let Lin Jaru not bother him to indulge in debauchery outside, and after he said so, he liked to see Lin Jaru heartbroken and sad. It is terrible to say that Chen Danfeng, as the dominant person in Lin Yaru's emotions, occasionally finds the kind of weird and distorted pleasure in Lin Yaru's self-abasement and humility, so he will subconsciously do things to belittle and belittle Lin Yamu's emotions to satisfy his sense of superiority over Lin Yaru. In her love for Chen Danfeng, Lin Yaru was willing to be humble to the dust, thinking that this could bring back Chen Danfeng's begging, but she did not know that, in the end, the more humble Lin Yaru was, the more Chen Danfeng did not care about her, and the more she looked down on her, and the more she loved her. Unequal love is destined to be the plunder of the superior to the inferior. Lin Yaru abandons self-esteem, abandons a person's backbone and soul to love Chen Danfeng, and makes himself humble. Chen Danfeng can easily get such a humble and ridiculous "love". Naturally, she will regard Lin Yaru as a humble thing, easily like garbage, and throw it aside. On the contrary, now Qin Shu doesn't care about Chen Danfeng at all, and Chen Danfeng loves to be bitchy. _______________ "Zhang Xuanxuan has been forcing me to marry her again." Chen Danfeng intentionally stimulated Qin Shu to mention Zhang Xuanxuan, who was still raising the fetus. Qin Shu held Chen Yan ran in his arms and did not lift his head. He ignored Chen Danfeng's words, which made Chen Danfeng very depressed. I won't marry her, but the child is no longer suitable for induced labor, she also insisted on giving birth, want to use the child to force me to marry her, but I have asked the lawyer, Zhang Xuanxuan here to give birth to the child also behind your prosecution,plastic pallet manufacturer, need to go to prison, I can then have custody of the child, with Zhang Xuanxuan cut off. 。 binpallet.com

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