Rebirth of Anti-Japanese 1937

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  • Rebirth of Anti-Japanese 1937

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    Rebirth of Anti-Japanese 1937

    Soon, the noisy battle hall returned to calm, but every staff officer had an excited smile on his face, which was totally different from the sad and helpless look before, and he was full of strength when he worked, moving quickly and without any sense of slowness. After listening to the report of the combat staff officer again, General Tang said, "Well, that's great. This Li Changqing really gives people too many surprises." Speaking of this, he paused and then returned the telegram to the combat staff officer: "Send a telegram to Yangzhou right away, so that the defenders can hold out until tomorrow no matter what. Tell Song Tianyu that even if the whole regiment is killed, he will hold out until noon tomorrow." "Yes," the operational staff officer promised, and then hurried away. Then, as if remembering something, General Tang turned to the chief of staff beside him and said, "Also, you should send the telegram to the Wuhan camp right away. I'm afraid the old man is already anxious to wait for this news. This Li Changqing always likes to give people sudden surprises. Of course, the more surprises, the better. Ha ha.." After giving the drafted telegram to the communications staff officer, the chief of staff came back to General Tang, who was still very excited. He reminded him in a low voice: "Commander,Automatic Nail Making Machine, this Li Changqing is a person that the old man values very much, and he was born in the Central Military Academy. The old man spent a lot of effort to grab it from Chairman Yan. Is it too risky for him to reinforce Yangzhou?"? It would be fine if the battle went smoothly, but if the Evergreen Division was lost, I'm afraid it would be difficult for the old man to explain. "Confess?"? To whom? With a smile on his face and a cold look in his eyes, General Tang looked at the chief of staff and said, "What the ***?" Lao Tzu volunteered to become the commander of the Nanjing garrison. He didn't want to go back alive. The battle had already been fought like this. If Yangzhou was lost, what would happen to hundreds of thousands of innocent people and troops in Nanjing? Do you really want to give them to the little Japanese devils? If the old man is willing to haggle with a dead man, then let him haggle over anyway,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Lao Tzu did not intend to leave, no matter what, Lao Tzu can not helplessly watch the hundreds of thousands of people trapped in the city of Nanjing life and death is uncertain, and when the old man transferred the Evergreen Division, he made it clear that this is my troops in the Nanjing Shouxu War Zone, even if they do not belong to us. Lao Tzu also wants to be correct. After a moment's silence, General Tang looked at the gloomy sky outside and said lifelessly, "Otherwise, maybe the city of Nanjing will really become what Li Changqing said, a Japanese slaughterhouse.." These chief of staff is not do not understand, had to shake his head with a sigh, also no longer say anything. Hundreds of miles south of Sanjiangkou, the chief of staff of the 104th Wing, Kurimoto Nakasuke, with two squadrons and the artillery group directly under him, Nail production machine ,Nail machine supplier, was marching rapidly. Although the weather had cleared up, the continuous winter rain for several days had turned the road into a muddy country, especially the speed of the artillery group had almost become tortoise speed. At noon, Tashiro Mototoshi Daisuke had sent a telegram, saying that the main force of the 104th Regiment had encountered on the bank of the river, had launched a battle to cross the river, and would wait for the chief of staff on the north bank after completely annihilating the defensive forces. It was now four or five o'clock, and the winter sun was setting in the west, and the light in the sky was fading. It is reasonable to say that with the strength of the main force of the 104th Wing, even if it meets an elite division, it can solve the battle in a few hours, but there is no news yet, which makes Chief of Staff Kurimoto Nakasuke have a very bad feeling.

    Just when Kurimoto Nakasuke and others were anxious, suddenly a message came from the vanguard team, saying that Tashiro Mototoshi Daisuke had sent a team to take the artillery brigade across the river. Kurimoto Nakasuke slightly some wonder, since Tadai yuanjun Daisuke has captured the north bank of the river, why not directly send troops to Yangzhou with other regiments to attack Yangzhou? Why did you send troops to pick up the artillery brigade to cross the river? The most important thing is why the main radio station of the United Army has been in a state of silence and has not sent a message on its own initiative? These questions, in the mind of Kurimoto Nakasuke slightly spin again, then waved away. Immediately, he went up with his staff officers, because he had never doubted that the 104th regiment would all be broken in the hands of the Chinese. Soon, almost two squadrons of Japanese panting ran over, looking at their uniforms, covered with blood and smoke, obviously after a fierce battle. A captain at the head of the platoon, holding a samurai sword in his right hand, trotted over with a bow leg. As soon as he reached the front, he drew back his legs, stood at attention and bowed his head, saying, "Report to Mr. Nakasuke. Mr. Daisuke has planted the Hinomaru flag on the north bank of the river and sent me to meet you and the artillery brigade." The authentic native accent in the lieutenant's mouth made the doubts in Kurimoto's mind slightly put down, and the lieutenant's face was covered with blood, and he could not see his face clearly, as if he had just experienced a fierce battle and had come to meet them. This is the warrior of the Empire, "Kurimoto Nakasuke thought to himself. In order to show his encouragement, he reached out his hand and patted the captain on the shoulder. He praised him and said," Youxi, if you are brave enough, I will report to Daisuke and ask him to give you credit. " "Thank you, Mr. Chief of Staff," the captain muttered in a low voice. "Mr. Chief of Staff, Mr. Daisuke still has the ciphertext." "Hm?" Chief of Staff Kurimoto Nakasuke's eyes flashed doubtfully, and he leaned slightly toward the captain's ear. He did not notice that there was a chill in the captain's eyes. His Excellency Daisuke said. The captain's voice sank deeper and deeper, and Kurimoto could not lean over. You can go to hell. The captain's voice turned into Chinese, and then the samurai sword in his hand pulled out and stabbed him straight. Nani? Before he knew what the captain meant, Kurimoto suddenly felt a pain in his abdomen and saw a command knife sinking into his body. When he saw the captain's strange expression, he understood that all this was a trap, but his mouth could not make the slightest sound,wire nail machine manufacturers, and then his eyes were black and soft on the ground. Perhaps in the end he did not understand, opposite that 100% is the Japanese captain, why to attack him. "Do it".

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