Emperor tyrant

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  • Emperor tyrant

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    Emperor tyrant

    Peng Weijin was mad with shame and anger. In a short period of time, he was slapped twice. For the first time, Wang Han suppressed him. This time, even Wang Han was not there. He was slapped severely in public. For him, it was a great shame in his life! Chapter 2217 Silver Fox. ? "Bang, bang, bang.." The sound of a clear and loud slap echoed in the inn, and everyone could not help staring at the scene in front of them, and many people took a breath of cold air. This is too ruthless, this is simply with Peng Jiazhuang completely torn face, this is to be irreconcilable with Peng Jiazhuang, this is even with the upper part of the enemy. When someone saw Peng Weijin being slapped, he took a breath of cold air and murmured. The relationship between Peng Jiazhuang and the upper Chen family is very intimate. They have been married for generations. Today, Yang Shengping slapped Peng Weijin in front of everyone. This is a direct slap to Peng Jiazhuang, and also a slap to the upper Chen family. Who is this man? No one knows Li Qiye in the presence, not from the heart inside hair, dare to tear the face with Peng Jiazhuang, dare to be an enemy with the upper part, that absolutely should not be a small potato. However, no one can see the origin of Li Qiye, and no one can see where Li Qiye is sacred. That's a good one. Just as Yang Shengping was slapping his mouth, there was a sound of applause at this moment. A man came in from the outside and said with a laugh: "The dog fought against human power, thinking that if he climbed to the top,plastic packing tube, he could do whatever he wanted. Such an ignorant younger generation should be taught a good lesson!" The man who came in from the outside looked very young, wearing a tight suit, the whole person looked very sharp, wearing a silver cloak, a white hair, scattered over his shoulders, which made his whole person look like a kind of indescribable rhythm. A young man, with white hair,plastic packaging tube, his eyes flashing sharply, like an eagle staring at its prey. Silver Fox- "Seeing this young man in front of us, many monks in the inn were shocked. Both the disciples of the family and the elders of the clan stood up one after another to pay tribute to this young man." The silver fox in the north of the holy courtyard! Hearing this name, many disciples of the family and elders of the clan felt nervous. The Holy Court is one of the four major forces of the Confucian orthodoxy, and the North is one of the two factions in the Holy Court. The whole North has a very strong strength, and many great religious families are under the door of the North. In front of this young man in the crazy court orthodoxy is even more famous, silver fox Xu Zhijie, this is the young genius of the Holy Court, but also the representative of the North. Xu Zhijie has an iron law camp. As the mainstay of the Holy Court, he has a certain power of supervision in the Confucian orthodoxy of the crazy court. Therefore, Xu Zhijie, the silver fox, is in a high position in the Confucian orthodoxy of the crazy court. Many schools and families in the whole Confucian orthodocy of the mad court will give Xu Zhijie, the silver fox, three points. And Xu Zhijie is smooth, old and hot, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, and his eyes are very vicious. It is precisely because of this that many schools and families in the crazy court are willing to have a good relationship with Xu Zhijie. After Xu Zhijie came in, the disciples of the family and the elders of the sect in the inn all stood up to pay tribute to him, and everyone intended to show good will to Xu Zhijie. Because since the death of the present emperor, all the forces of the crazy court orthodoxy are eyeing the power of the crazy court orthodoxy covetously. Although the power of the crazy school orthodoxy is temporarily held by Queen Wang Han, a new emperor will be born sooner or later, and a new emperor will ascend the throne sooner or later. At present, there are several people who have the chance to ascend the throne and hold the imperial power in Kuangting orthodoxy, among which Silver Fox Xu Zhijie is one of them. So, if if really let the silver fox ascended the throne, hold the power, if can take advantage of good relations now, that is completely different. At this time, Li Qiye flicked his finger, "bang", the suppressed old man was instantly bounced out, and then he waved his hand to Yang Shengping. Only then did Yang Shengping, who had whipped Peng Weijin, stop. He released Peng Weijin and said slowly, "Shaozhu Peng, let's go. There is only one life. Take care of yourself.".

    ” Yang Shengping this sentence was originally a kind word, this is to remind Peng Weijin not to provoke Li Qiye again, if the next time, it is not just a slap in the mouth so simple! I'm afraid I'll put my own life into it. However, at this time, Peng Weijin's mouth was full of blood, and he was slapped by Yang Shengping twice in public, which was a great shame for him, and his heart was filled with vicious resentment. Surname Yang, you remember to me, this uncle not only want to trample out your big sword door, this uncle also want to let you live worse than death, let you never exceed life, this uncle want to cut off your flesh one knife at a time, you wait for me.. Peng Weijin was so embarrassed that he rolled and crawled out of the inn, but before he left, he was still very resentful and put aside his vicious words. As for Peng Weijin's virtue, Silver Fox Xu Zhijie smiled, shook his head, and said, "Fool, you have lost the face of Peng Jiazhuang!" With that, Silver Fox Xu Zhijie stepped forward quickly and bowed his head to Li Qiye, saying, "I, Xu Zhijie, am a disciple of Kuangting Taoism. You must be Brother Li Dao." It seems that Xu Zhijie had already heard some news about Li Qiye when he came, but he did not know the origin of Li Qiye. In this respect, neither Wang Han nor Wang Fu has disclosed Li Qiye's identity to the outside world. Uh Li Qiye just nodded, did not say much, and continued to drink his own wine. There are many people in this inn,pump tube, and the place is small and inconvenient. I don't know if brother Li Dao is interested in staying in my camp. Xu Zhijie said to Li Qiye with a smile, "I just did my best to be the host." Seeing that Xu Zhijie was so friendly to Li Qiye, many of the disciples and elders of the school felt very strange. They all looked at Li Qiye one after another. They were full of curiosity about the identity of Li Qiye. Everyone was curious about the origin of this seemingly unremarkable boy. Not interested- "Li Qiye said flatly.". emptycosmetictubes.com

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