Get rich with a powerful learning country

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  • Get rich with a powerful learning country

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    Get rich with a powerful learning country

    So after knowing that the king of Qi had taken over, the palace of the king of Qi was crowded with people these days, all of whom were military commanders who came to say hello. Although the king of qi has been a cold face, but the group of military commanders are not afraid of this, although he is not enthusiastic, but still very comprehensive to write down what they said, and did not see their gifts were all thrown out equally? Although they did not take advantage, but others did not take advantage, that's all! All of a sudden, the king of Qi, who had not appeared in the capital for a long time and was somewhat unknown, became famous. The group of military commanders praised everyone. The king of Qi was very fair in dealing with people, and did not admire fame and wealth. He was dedicated to the court! It's just not good-looking, and it's too thin! King Qi, who had just recovered and had not had time to gain weight:. This rumor is a little puzzling to those who haven't seen it, so what does King Qi look like? The author has something to say: Author: Zhou Rong, how to do, seems to want to *** you? I can't guarantee your future! Zhou Rong: Didn't we agree that I was the Number One Scholar?! Push a gay friend's article, love beans always want to remarry with me [entertainment circle] by smoke late, interested can see ~ Chasing your wife at the crematorium, spoiling your wife Wake up, not only dressed as her most hated 18-line female singer Wen Luo, but also slept with her love beans. Fu Junzhu, the top of the entertainment circle,alloy die casting, is the son who will go home to inherit billions of yuan if he doesn't make a film. Wen Luo patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, I will be responsible." Fu Jun threw out the marriage certificate with a speechless face: "Have you had enough fun?" So it's legal to sleep. Wen Luo drew up a divorce agreement with great interest: "Then let's divorce." Fu Jun, who was preparing to throw out the divorce agreement, said: "??" # I'm a career fan, and I'm against getting married when Aidou's career is on the rise, and I can't get married with me. # I want to divorce my idol every day. Hee Hee Hee # After the hard work of chasing his wife, When Fu Jun wanted to hug. Wen Luo pushes away him: "Do not do not want, will be photographed by the media to stir up the scandal." When Fu Junji wanted to kiss. Wen Luo blocked his lips and said,Magnetic Drain Plug, "Wow, no, no, I can't tarnish your character setting of pure heart and few desires." Fu Jun: "… …" Later, when Fu Jun won the best actor award, the media interviewed him: "How do you play this abstinent man?" Fu Junshousheng said without any love: "The performance of true colors, true feelings." (Vicissitudes of life to light cigarette.jpg) Sue's favorite wife with a broken leg, the man X cut the black, the soft and cute woman. Chapter 30 Benchmarking "What does the King of Qi look like?"? My father met him outside the palace that day and said he was very good-looking. "Nonsense. When my father came back, he clearly said that King Qi was not very good looking. He was as thin as a sick ghost." In a restaurant in the capital, several girls dressed in beautiful clothes are sitting around discussing the recent hot gossip in the capital. I remember when I was a child, I once saw the King of Qi. At that time, he had just been paralyzed. His whole body was gloomy. I was scared to cry. Now I think of it, there is still a shadow! I don't believe how good-looking he can be now! "Maybe. I heard that Princess Xianqi was very beautiful at the beginning." "A person's temperament is there, no matter how good-looking it is, it will appear gloomy. It really makes people dislike it. It's better to be a person like Zhao Gongzi." They nodded approvingly and said, car radiator cap ,deep draw stamping, "That's true. I have a distant cousin who has been in poor health since he was a child, so his temper is very changeable. He often beats and scolds his servants. It's really terrible!" "Not so, is it?"? I think King Qi is very powerful. It's not easy to stand up again after so many years of paralysis. In the enthusiastic crowd, one person has been silent, she listened to the discussion in a trance, until someone pushed her, "Xin Tong, what are you doing?"? Oh, yes, I remember. Did you get engaged to the King of Qi when you were young? Engagement? She came to her senses, thinking about past lives, and those distant memories slowly came to her mind.

    Xin Tong, whose surname was Chang, was the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Changlong. The marriage was also a joke. At that time, the king of Qi was seriously ill. Princess Qi, who had tried countless ways but was still useless, panicked. She thought of Chongxi and searched all over the capital to match the eight characters of the king of Qi. Finally, she was the most suitable and decided on her. At that time, she was still young, and she knew she was going to Chongxi for the first time. She made trouble in the mansion for a long time, but the king of Qi was his own brother, who was in a high position and powerful position. The Marquis didn't dare to refuse, so she hastily got married. The engagement process, which had to take a few months, was finished in two days. It was perfunctory to the extreme. Fortunately, I don't know what happened later, Qiwangfu never mentioned it again, as if it didn't happen, since Qiwang succeeded to the throne, he went directly to the fief, and the two families had no contact for so many years. In fact, had it not been for the sudden discussion of King Qi in the capital, she would have forgotten him long ago. After all, in her impression, King Qi would have died in the fief a year later, and did not even cause any splash in the capital. At that time, she heard the news and celebrated it quietly in the mansion! So she was a little surprised when she came here early this morning and heard people say that King Qi had returned to Beijing. Later, when she heard that King Qi could stand up, she was even more shocked. How could this be possible? Qi Wang should die next year, the emperor for this also sad to stop a day, she will not be wrong! But why is everything wrong? What's the matter with you? Why don't you speak? Seeing that Chang Xintong had not spoken for a long time, her female companion asked worriedly. Ah, it's all right. She suppressed all thoughts in her mind and replied, "That marriage was just an expedient measure at the beginning. How can it be accurate?" "Since you are engaged, you should have changed the Geng Tie. As long as you change the Geng Tie, you will be the future Princess Qi!" Said the female companion. Geng Tie? She thought about it, it seemed to have been changed at the beginning, but in her previous life she hated it so much that she didn't want to see the so-called Geng Tie at all. When she came back in this life, because she knew that the King of Qi would die soon, she didn't take it seriously at all, so she threw away the Geng Tie long ago. This can not be said in front of people, after all, it is the king of Qi,CNC machining parts, if people know is the crime of contempt for the royal family, she hurriedly put this matter in the past, but the heart can not be calm for a long time.

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