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    The best engineer

    "Die!" Lobant was still smirking, one did not notice, the face was punched by Dr. Ashur, the meeting suddenly quiet down, we can not accept for a moment, in such an occasion, how can such a thing happen. Chapter 87 God's turning point. The representative of only one place suddenly became excited. He took off his leather shoes and was ready to throw them up. Just now he felt so bored that he was going to sleep. I don't know when he would never have this problem again. Ooh! Come to think of it, in their station, no matter it is a small meeting, everyone likes to have a big fight during the meeting, that is, to have a group fight or something, in order to give those comrades who don't listen well in the meeting. Or the comrades who told jokes to everyone on the stage did not achieve the goal of laughing off the big teeth of the people present, a lifelong warning that everyone seemed to see, a guy with leather shoes, to the person who told jokes on the rostrum, is to shoot fiercely. In the mouth also does not stop muttering what: "I let you this fellow tell the joke not to be pleasant to hear,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, I let you this fellow not prepare the joke well for everybody!" " As soon as the representative of Toyo saw this situation, he was sure to stand up and help his master at the first time. He quickly stood up from his seat and trotted to Lobant's side, protecting his master behind him. Looking at Dr. Ashur, he just ate and grinned and jumped up and down, but he didn't rush to take a bite. The polar bear was a little too honest. He ran over and acted as a referee for them. He did not know where to take out a broken whistle and kept blowing it, as if he was talking about the matters needing attention in the game to the two sides, but now who had time to bird him. Everyone looked at this guy,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and everyone in the venue knew that this guy must have been an athlete before, or the kind of boxing or Sanda athlete. The representative of China was much more simple and crude. He didn't care about Lobant's livid face at all. He went up and dragged Dr. Ashur away directly. Now he saw the two sides of the battle. It was a bit silly to see that only one side was still in a mess. How can one of you suddenly abstain before the game starts? How can you be so unsportsmanlike? If our country's athletes, this kind of guy, would have been caught and thrown into the primeval forest. Representatives of other countries, looking at the chaotic meeting hall, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and spread their hands helplessly. If they had participated in it, the meeting hall would have been even more chaotic, and all of you sitting here would have become a joke. Some of them chose to leave the venue silently. It was too boring here. They went back to the hotel to rest. Some of them quickly found a corner where no one was there and reported what happened in the venue to the national leaders. Some looked at the dramatic scene here, a little speechless to touch the forehead! The heart silently said, God! I can't stand it anymore. I don't feel like I'm in a meeting. I feel like I'm playing house. Take these shameful guys away! But what happened here, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Time Delay Faucet, the ordinary people of all countries do not know, they are still working hard for life, what to do or what to do, did not affect them, that yearning for a rich life. If let them know this matter, they can not believe that these lofty big shots, there is such a funny side, will laugh! But these guys won't let the people know. They will cover up this lid, and will not let you know that the people have the right to know, it is like a fart! In the hearts of the common people, they never take what they say seriously. If they believe what they say, everyone may become 250. After this incident, Dr. Ashur was more careful about security. He knew that although he had exchanged advanced science and technology with the United States, no one wanted to own the whole world. It was like the Wuyue Sword Sect. Everyone wanted to be the leader of the alliance.

    So only when you die, he can rest assured to sit on the position of the leader of the alliance, right? No one wants to leave a powerful enemy for himself in the future. For his own future, he has to let others have no future. This is the law of survival in this world! So, that's how those ruthless people in this society came about. Since this happened, Ashur has no time, energy, and manpower to deal with the matter of small crystals. Otherwise he will not waste this opportunity, let the small crystal in there non-stop law exhibition, later is a big enemy! It's still the kind of strength. Brother, the hunting expert invited by our village is here. Zhang Yi was urging the crowd to load and unload the things needed for hunting, but he saw Zhang Lin shouting at the intersection. Zhang Yi was overjoyed when he heard this. The person they were waiting for finally came. He hurriedly dropped what he was doing and rushed to the village to greet him. He knew that he didn't know how to hunt at all, but this time all the teenagers in the village went there. Just in case, he found a few hunting masters. Zhang Yi knew very well that professional things still had to be handled by professional talents. These laymen still stand aside, do not delay everyone's life safety, when the time comes, if there is an accident, there is no way to explain to the folks. Zhang Yi saw from a long distance that five strong men armed with all their bodies came over, and looking at them from a distance, he could feel the little momentum and murderous look that came out of them. I saw the leader, about 1.86 meters tall, slightly dark skin, walking quite powerful, a look is often dealing with wild animals in the mountains of the Lord, wearing simple coarse cloth, sewn with a variety of animal skins, weapons bags. If I saw him suddenly in the forest,Prison toilet for sale, I would never think of him as a human being, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Zhang Yi's heart brightened when he saw this. He could pick out some outstanding village teenagers who had been trained, and train them to become mountain combat experts like special forces. It seems that we need to step up training them. I still need a lot.

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