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    Hide from beauty

    "This is fashion, I call it love sweater, the most personalized clothes in the country.". Are you jealous? Or do you envy my wife clinging to me. If not, go and find one yourself, so that you won't be red-eyed when you watch me and my wife make out. I teased Kitano. I don't have that kind of leisure, unlike you who talk about love all day. I'm very busy, and I have a lot of things to do. Kitano curled her lips and answered disdainfully. Idle heart? Not necessarily. Besides, it's business. I am amused by Kitano's disapproving attitude. Maybe people who don't really realize love are always so "short-sighted"! Early the next morning, we were ready to take the earliest bus to Sapporo, which is not very far from Asahikawa. When we just walked out of the hotel, I felt some depression in the air, and I could not help frowning. I turned to Renault, who was also alert. Compared with the relaxed appearance of the previous two days, he was a master. He had a keen sense of danger and felt something wrong almost at the same time as me. You noticed that, too? I hurried closer to Renault and asked in a low voice. Renault nodded. "There was a lot of people, and there was a faint murderous look in the air, and I felt it, even though they had tried to suppress it.". I thought it was very quiet here just now. "I hope we're not in trouble." Although the weather was cold, it was not so long that there was no one in the whole street, and there was nothing moving except the three of us. Be careful. Miss,pipe fittings manufacturer, follow me. Although Renault has raised his vigilance, he is not too nervous, and it is estimated that he has not experienced such a scene once or twice. If I had known I was going to exercise, I would have eaten more earlier. My tone is more relaxed, and it's useless to have too many walk-ons. Kitano was not as relaxed as Renault and me, shrinking her neck behind Renault. Passing by an open space, I suddenly felt two sudden release of the murderous look, I did not even want to pick up the slender waist of Kitano Jing jumped back,hydraulic fitting supplier, just jumped into the open space, let me back against the wall and people to fight, is to cut off their own way. Renault was not ambiguous either, and the killer who jumped from the roof of the roadside was kicked back with two lethal side kicks. Then Renaud jumped up beside me and said, "Nearly three hundred people!"! Are you sure to deal with it? "Damn, what you're talking about is nonsense, and you have to deal with it even if you're not sure!" Back to back, Raynor and I exchanged a look. Miss protection is important, do not continue to fight, do not leave too far. Renault looked at the dark crowd that suddenly appeared in front of him, his pupils contracted, and his muscles tightened. I knew this was a sign of the onset of the Yi Jin Jing, and I adjusted my body to its best condition. Looking at these masked men in black with only a pair of murderous eyes outside, it was clear that they were ninjas of the new era. I had a headache secretly. If I had known earlier, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,14 needle valve, I would have brought the beauty. At least I was a colleague. It was estimated that I could kill these guys. When I came to Japan, I thought I was just running errands with Kitano Jing. When I met some hooligans, I did not expect that there would be such a difficult thing in front of me. In front of me and behind you. Renault was relieved to leave his whole back to me, but the situation at this time did not allow him to think carefully. Those ninjas pulled out the knives about fifty centimeters from their waists in a neat and uniform way, and six of them came together to kill, and a big battle began. Although I have fought countless times before, today is the first time for me to fight side by side with others. But now the situation does not allow me to think too much, because there are already six black-clad ninjas surrounded by Renault, and six jumped out in front of me, completely cutting me off from Renault. Liuhe Formation? From the position of six people around me, I immediately noticed something was wrong. They were not casually standing in front of me like a stake, but a very difficult joint attack method. Generally speaking, two people attacked and four people defended, and the offense and defense could rotate with each other in an instant. The ever-changing situation made the opponent impossible to defend.

    If I am alone, I can let go to break the array, after all, I know something about the changes of Liuhe array, but more can only act as a spectator of Kitano Jing, I simply can not stay away from her half a step, at this time Renault has also fought with the other side, there is no leisure time to manage us here, it seems that we can only rely on ourselves, and I can not be too ruthless. After all, it's really not worth it to get yourself into trouble for other people's affairs or even snow, and my head began to buzz again. The most troublesome thing is that the other side has three hundred people, they have enough personnel to replace, from Renault's situation can be seen, although the other side's individual combat ability is far inferior to Renault, Renault can also use the extremely strong martial arts of Yi Jin Jing to gain an advantage, he can hurt one of them, but can not continue to let that person lose combat effectiveness. Because the defense of Liuhe ensures that the injured person is only slightly injured, and immediately there will be people next to him to accept the position of the injured person, after several rounds, the first wave of six ninjas, whether injured or not, all quit, replaced by the other six to continue to fight Renault, it is clear that playing wheel warfare is such a non-stop fight can be tired to death. Look at Renault's expression, he is also helpless, empty but unable to use. The fists and knives were flying and bustling over there, but I was very quiet here. I did not move, nor did the six ninjas around me. The Kitano Jing beside me looked at the dark crowd in panic. The only thing she could rely on now was not Uncle Lei, whom she admired and respected like a fairy, but she forced me to come over. The six ninjas in front of me may be tired of standing on their legs, or there is something urgent at home. Anyway,tube fitting manufacturer, they can't wait. They take the initiative to attack me. One of the ninjas in the front is the first to start. A long knife mixed with cold light pierces my chest. I didn't move, because I knew it was just a false move used to test the first form of the six-in-one array, and the guy on my right side's horizontal chop was a tough move. I suddenly stretched out my hand and grabbed the back of the ninja's knife in front of me without the slightest pause and pulled it heavily to the right side. chinaroke.com

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