Korean idol story

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  • Korean idol story

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    Korean idol story

    Unlike the usual image seen in the program, the first time we met, Shen Zhenghuan with a faint smile gave Li Tianyou the feeling that he seemed to be very modest and calm. Seeing Shen Zhenghuan with such a great contrast, Li Tianyou could not help guessing in his heart which was the real one. (Please remember to read Dukankan, the website of the novel website) In fact, Shen Zhenghuan's height is 180 centimeters, but the congenital weakness of his physique makes him look a little too thin. Shen Zhenghuan brought his assistant to the dressing table beside Li Tianyou, put his coat on the back of his chair, and began to look up and down at Li Tianyou. After looking at him for a long time, Shen Junghuan shook his head and sighed. Shen Zhenghuan shook his head so that Li Tianyou was stunned. What's wrong? Is there something wrong with him? He unconsciously scanned his body and found that there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. He was about to ask Shen Zhenghuan if he had done something wrong unintentionally in some way, but he didn't want Shen Zhenghuan to open his mouth and say. It seems that this entertainment circle is getting worse and worse. Now a new person is so handsome. How can we ugly men live? "Eh?" Li Tianyou, who did not expect Shen Zhenghuan to say such a sentence, looked at Shen Zhenghuan in astonishment, who was pretending to frown and shake his head with a wry smile. At the same time, he had countless thoughts in his heart. What on earth did Shen Junghuan mean by suddenly saying this sentence? "I said'native chicken '!"! Are you pretending to frighten the younger generation again? When Li Tianyou did not understand what Shen Zhenghuan's words meant, a lazy voice suddenly came from the door. Hearing a familiar voice calling himself "native chicken", Shen Zhenghuan not only did not get angry, but turned around laughing and scolded,cold drawn tubes, "You love wax gourd is no better, I did not bully the younger generation, I just stated the facts!" "Native Chicken" is the name of a group formed by Shin Jung-hwan when he returned to the singing industry after retiring from the special forces. Generally, only his predecessors or people who are very close to him will be so reckless. At this time, the person who can call himself this nickname must be Yoon Jung-soo! Sure enough, as Shin Jung-hwan laughed and scolded,aluminium coated tubes, a short and fat middle-aged man with wide sunglasses came in. Li Tianyou also recognized that the man who came in was Shin Jung-hwan's funny partner in Natural Fate, Yoon Jung-soo. In fact, Yoon Jung-soo, who was born in 1972, is only 31 years old this year. He is definitely not middle-aged, but his short, fat and stocky body with his relatively mature face is really easy to misunderstand his age. However, Yoon Jung-soo, who made his debut as a comedian in 1992, is indeed Shin Jung-hwan's predecessor, but the two are both partners on variety shows. In private, they are also very good friends, so there is no clear boundary between the two people, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, and they usually prefer to joke with each other unscrupulously. What facts? Walking to Shen Zhenghuan's side, Yin Zhengxiu asked with a smile, "What facts can you have?" Shin Jung-hwan took a look at Yoon Jung-soo with a straight face, then laughed happily and said something that made people laugh, "The fact is that seeing you, I think my acting career will be very long!" "Puff!" "Puff!" "Puff!" In addition to a face of inexplicable Yin Zhengxiu and his assistant, Li Tianyou and Li Enjing and Shen Zhenghuan's assistant all could not help laughing out, it is clear that Yin Zhengxiu, who stepped into the door late, did not hear Shen Zhenghuan's exclamation to Li Tianyou before.

    When he learned the details of the incident from the tittering Shen Zhenghuan, Yin Zhengxiu could not help but look at Li Tianyou and sigh, "Now the new people are really handsome, we can only try our best to be funny to live!" After bowing formally, Li Tianyou smiled at Yin Zhengxiu and said, "I'm just a newcomer, and everything needs to be taken care of by the two predecessors!" "Hehe!"! That's all right Yoon Jung-soo smiled and nodded yes. Shin Jung-hwan asked Lee Tin-woo, "Are you a singer or an actor?"? From which company? "I just made a debut film, My Savage Female Teacher, which is expected to be released early next month, and this time I came to the show to promote the film!" Li Tianyou quickly and respectfully answered, "Yes, I am the S. M.". Of the company !” "Ouch!"! Movie actor debut ah? That's really promising! Yin Zhengxiu looked at Li Tianyou in surprise and continued to sigh, "It seems S. M.". The company has a great new person this time. !” Until then, S. M. The company's artists are mainly singers. You can say that there are no entertainers in terms of actors, and this is not to say S. M. The company department wants to develop actors. But in the past, there was really a lack of talented people in this field among the trainees of Starlight Academy, which can be seen from the number of students in the drama class, and this time S. M. The company would put out a movie actor. It seems that Li Tianyou, a newcomer, should be very strong and talented. Please remember my w WW. DUkankAn. Since entering the publicity period, more people have known that this year's first film "My Savage Female Teacher" is about to be released, which is not without CJ Entertainment Company's great efforts in publicity, and because of this, Yoon Jung-soo and Shin Jung-hwan also know that this film has been fired up recently. Just busy with their work, they only know that the film is about to be released, and do not know that Li Tianyou is the leading actor of the film! At this point that after the long fight in the entertainment industry, the two people are also aware that Li Tianyou should be the S. M. This year. The new person that the company holds in high esteem. Both of them were a little more friendly in their attitudes. After a few more polite words, Yoon Jung-soo picked the seat beside Shin Jung-hwan and sat down. The two of them were making up and talking about what kind of jokes should be made in today's program. As they were talking, Shin Jung-hwan took a look at Lee Tien-woo, who had been smiling and listening,stainless steel 304 pipes, and asked strangely, "Why, have you memorized the script?" 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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