Medicine man of the other world

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  • Medicine man of the other world

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    Medicine man of the other world

    Qiongqi also took his time to command the crazy leader of the vanguard. Water jacket, sealing fire giant, four eyes crack and other highly sensitive Warcraft, holding the enemy's tail, but also dare not push too tight, because the relatively slow action of the main legion of Warcraft is still not close behind. If we only use the vanguard to fight with the other side, after all, the strength is not enough, maybe humans will turn around and bite back, then if the main legion fails to catch up in time, it will be troublesome. So far. He has not yet found out the specific strength of the human, the other side of the detective anti-detection ability is really strong, even in the process of escape. Still able to leisurely wipe away odors, mount feces, hoof prints, etc. This makes Qiongqi dare not attack easily, in case there are a large number of powerful magicians and spell masters hidden among them. If the battle can be settled in a short time, it will be too dangerous for the vanguard to catch up with the battle. When humans leave the city, let the ice magician wear the professional clothes of the enchantress. Launch group magic, let it lose a large number of precious flying Warcraft and the painful lessons of rotten blood, especially in mind, so Qiongqi warned himself to be cautious. Several times when the speed of the human team was slightly reduced,ultrasonic cutting machine, Qiongqi slowed down the March together to prevent the other side from suddenly turning around and striking back. The commander of the other side is an insidious guy who likes to use strange tricks, so we must not fall into his trick of luring the enemy. As long as you wait patiently, there will always be opportunities. The spiritual power of human beings is rapidly consumed, which can only be effectively replenished through elixirs. But there is always a time when the elixir runs out. Warcraft, on the other hand, can absorb the evil spirit between heaven and earth at any time. Although it can't compare with the speed of consumption, it is inexhaustible. In a protracted war, the advantage is revealed. After six hours,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, as expected, the human army began to show fatigue, probably because the elixir was almost consumed. But the rear Warcraft main force, is catching up slowly little by little, the distance between the two sides, only more than 20 kamikaze. Plants are becoming more and more scarce, replaced by sparse weeds, desolation is getting stronger, and the vast Lieyan Plain has come to an end. The road condition is getting worse and worse. There is mud everywhere. One foot is shallow and one foot is deep. However, Qiongqi was pleased to see that the plain was undoubtedly the best terrain for cavalry to exert their speed advantage, and that any other terrain would have a serious impact on them by any other arms. That is to say, this kind of circumstance, the demon animal army that can catch up with to the rear is more advantageous. In the end, all the scattered greenery disappeared, leaving a gray and black area. Before I knew it, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, I was in the swamp. The humans who were the first to enter were the first to feel the difference between the swamp and the plain. Some places were covered with mud, which made it difficult to lift their legs. Some places were slippery. If they were careless, they might fall down with their pets. The whole team was even slower. Qiongqi was even more excited and led the vanguard Warcraft Army to follow him. As soon as he stepped into the edge, he noticed something unusual about the swamp. Flying in the air, it would not have been troubled by the change of terrain, but it was surprised to find that the spirit of demons that moved freely in its body was suddenly like stagnant water, and no matter how it was driven by its mind, it had greatly stagnated. Running slowly, it's like suddenly having a big mountain on your body, which is very uncomfortable. That kind of strange feeling may be very strange to others, but Qiongqi can never forget-seal! Qiongqi's huge body trembled slightly, and all kinds of negative emotions, such as uneasiness, panic, panic and fear, came to the heart of the proud Warcraft hero. It is because of Krisha, the God of the seal, that it is forced to reincarnate again and again. How can we forget the source of pain for millions of years? Of course, the power flow is slow, which is slightly different from the real top seal. At that time, the hand of the God of Sealing made its power sleep completely, and it became an individual similar to the lowest creature, and was plunged into the abyss of despair. Qiongqi took a few breaths to wake himself up from the endless nightmare, his thoughts suddenly became much clearer, and a noun jumped out of his mind-seal Nozawa! Yes, this is Seal Nozawa! Legend has it that the God of the seal fought a final battle and then disappeared into the world. The remaining power of the seal has not disappeared after millions of years of vicissitudes in the sea.

    The power of the seal is a primitive power that surpasses almost any power in the universe, including divine power, magic power, spiritual power, demon power and ghost power, all of which must be suppressed by it. Even vitality is no exception. Other swamps have more or less plants, but here there is not a blade of grass. Qiongqi knew the whole terrain of Michels like the back of his hand, but he ignored the swamp. Or, it subconsciously avoids contact with any information related to sealing Nozawa, because it will evoke a deep pain in its heart. Therefore, as careful as it was, it did not even realize that the human legion was heading for the seal of Nozawa. Originally arrogant Warcraft are also silent, on the one hand, the power has been affected, and then there is the awe of God. The legendary gods and demons are the existence they dare not offend in their minds, and their influence is even more far-reaching than that of Warcraft. You should know that the SS-level Warcraft in the ancient war between gods and demons is at best a pet or mount of gods and demons. Negative emotions are still constantly attacking, and Qiongqi will suppress them and send out a loud roar. On the one hand, through the roar to alleviate the fear of the bottom of my heart, on the other hand, those hateful humans actually use the seal of Nozawa to expose the scars that can not be healed in its heart, to let oneself retreat or confidence frustrated, it is too poisonous and unforgivable. Qiongqi's fire is so hot that it does not intend to give up the prey it is about to get, and it will use the most ruthless means to torture them to death in order to eliminate the hatred in its heart. Humans are also affected by the power of the seal, or even worse,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, because their elixirs are already insufficient, and now they are even more stretched. Although he did not want to stay in the seal of Nozawa for even a second, Qiongqi threw away the uncomfortable feeling and continued to command the vanguard to chase deep into the swamp.

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