Oriental Jade Flower Shadow Broken Sword

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  • Oriental Jade Flower Shadow Broken Sword

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    Oriental Jade Flower Shadow Broken Sword

    A reading XiangGong general appears gentle and refined a pair of leisurely look! Not far from him another young man in brocade clothes was watching him He turned around and squeezed out of the crowd The young man in brocade clothes was also in a hurry Get out Qingshan young man walked out of a section of the road Jinyi young man followed him far down Little kung fu leaving the "Orioles Singing in the Willows" gradually far away the young man in green shirt suddenly accelerated at his feet! Unable to hold back the young man in brocade caught up with him and shouted "Please stay in front of me" When the young man in front of him heard someone shouting behind him he immediately stopped at his Inorganic Chemicals feet turned around looked at him and saw that there were few brocade clothes As soon as the divine light in his eyes moved he seemed to have a happy look But then he calmed down and said "What can I do for you brother" The young man in brocade looked at the young man in green shirt with two eyes and said "I'm sorry I mistook you for someone else" "Never mind" said the young man with a smile "I'll take my leave brother" He arched his hand and was eager to leave "I'd like to ask you something else" said the young man in brocade "I don't know what to call this brother" "Brother Liu Wenming" said the young man with a smile "I have nothing to teach you I have something important to do so I won't accompany you" Liu Wenming is Yang Wenhua's alias Slow down The young man in brocade turned his eyes away and said in a cold voice "Brother Liu seems to be in a hurry to leave What can I do for you" Can I see you Yang Wenhua said "My brother is in a hurry and has no time to tell me My brother is leaving" "Brother Liu has something to go" said the young man with a sneer "But I also have something urgent to ask Brother Liu for advice" "Brother" said Yang Wenhua "if you have something to say please say it quickly" Seeing him gazing into the distance the young man in brocade clothes seemed to be very anxious He smiled coldly and said "Just now someone plotted against Wudang with a willow branch" Taoist Priest Qinghua the five willow branches seem to be shot out from not far from Brother Tai Brother Liu should see clearly what kind of entry it is Did you "I didn't see it brother" said Yang Wenhua "Brother Liu is close at hand" said the young man in brocade "Don't you know" Yang Wenhua gathered his eyebrows and said "Brother I really didn't see it clearly" "But my brother saw it clearly" said the young man Yang Wenhua knew that there had been a misunderstanding and asked unconsciously "Now that you have seen it clearly brother you have to go" The young man in brocade suddenly had a fierce look in his eyes and said in a harsh voice "I'm looking for you guys You don't have to go" Right hand a probe five fingers such as hook lightning toward Yang Wenhua right hand pulse wrist grasp Only now did Yang Wenhua know that he had regarded himself as a party of gangsters and hurriedly pushed him with his right hand and captured him Good at gently pushed away whispered "eldest brother you mess things up" The young man in brocade was stunned He looked at Yang Wenhua and asked "You" It turned out that the young man in brocade clothes was Lu Shaoyou When he heard this his body suddenly shook his eyes were wide open and he grabbed Yang Wenhua's hand (This time it was the catcher) He asked in a hurry "You are really China Chemicals " Yang Wenhua said in a low voice "Elder brother don't shout loudly My younger brother has changed his appearance and changed his name" Lu Shaoyou was overjoyed He heaved a sigh of relief and said "So you're not dead" "Alas!" Yang Wenhua sighed and said "Elder brother you stopped the younger brother but you helped the gangster" Lu Shaoyou was stunned and asked "How could Brother Yu have helped the scoundrel" Yang Shaohua said "It wasn't the elder brother who stopped the younger brother from attacking the Taoist Priest of Tsinghua just now He was already being targeted by the younger brother" "" "Why didn't you say so" Lu Shaoyou stamped his foot and said "Where did he go" Let's go! "I'm afraid it's too late" said Yang Wenhua
    ” Two people at the foot to speed up all the way to the long bridge where there is a figure Lu Shaoyou asked "What kind of man did you see" People Yang Wenhua said "This man is very slippery What I see is only a profile It seems that his face is a little yellow and he is wearing clothes" A blue cloth robe medium height Lu Shaoyou gave a cry of surprise and asked "Are you old" Yang Wenhua frowned and said "I didn't notice it because it was crowded with tourists at that time I only glanced at it" "Eyes he walked among the tourists" "Why don't you catch him" Asked Lu Shaoyou Yang Wenhua said "This man may not be a major character My younger brother wants to find clues from him so it's not easy to be alarmed" The snake just stared at him from a distance "Well that's right!" Lu Shaoyou clapped his hands and said "They are probably all Organic Chemicals yellow-faced and wearing blue cloth robes which is easy to distinguish" Admit it! "Why do you think so" Asked Yang Wenhua "It's almost noon" said Lu Shaolu "We haven't seen each other for more than a year Let's go to dinner first and talk slowly" The two men returned to Yongjin Gate (At that time because of the Manchu garrison flag camp the city of Hangzhou was separated from the West Lake Those who visited the lake had to Out of Jinmen so outside Jinmen it is a dock for yachts to berth and the market is also concentrated here) I found a restaurant called Tianxianglou Museum up the stairs A bartender had come up to greet him "Please gentlemen" he said As soon as Lu Shaoyou's eyes moved he saw that the whole building was already full of 80% of the guests and there were not many empty seats He thought of the two of them and wanted to talk about it The word cannot let a person hear do not become aware hesitate tunnel "Still have a seat" "Yes yes" said the bartender "Please come with the younger one" The two men followed him and sure enough at a corner there was an empty table against the wall The bartender pulled out the stools for the two of them and said with a smile "You two is this place all right" Lu Shaoyou and Yang Wenhua sat down opposite The bartender immediately brought two cups of Longjing tea and asked "What do you want" Lu Shaoyou said "The two corners are carved with flowers Just pick out the dishes that your chief steward is good at" The bartender answered "yes" and retreated "Elder brother" said Yang Wenhua "what did you just say you were going to tell me" Lu Shaoyou gave a cry and said with a laugh "What I want to talk about is the situation after we parted My good brother still remembers that you parted at the Foolish Brother Village" At that time according to saying the foolish brother should accompany you to go He picked up the teacup and took a sip globalchemmall.com

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