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  • Princess Spoils Daily Text + Extra Stories

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    Princess Spoils Daily Text + Extra Stories

    Zhang Shi also got up to see her mother-in-law, in fact, she wanted to shout abuse at Zhu Shi in her heart. You are an old slave who can't recognize your identity. When you really think you are the old lady of the palace, you dare to disrespect the princess, so that your husband was transferred back to Beijing. It is said that you were transferred back. But in the eyes of the discerning people, this is abandoned. Her husband will not want to have any great achievements in the future. When they left the border, there was no one to see them off, and even General Huo just politely exchanged a few words and then left. This move, no one knows, must have offended people who shouldn't have been offended. The only way is to curry favor with the princess and find a good position for her husband. Liansheng seemed to be unable to see the lawsuit in the eyes of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After a while, she said she was tired and asked them to retire. In the convent, Zhu looked at his daughter-in-law and was full of anger. Zhang was also full of resentment. He ignored each other and sat with his back to each other. The little girl was so frightened that she retreated outside the door and dared not get close. You and Haoer went to Beijing like this. Mrs. Qin sniffed. "Yes, mother-in-law." In the heart is hate monstrous, not so into the capital, do you want to disobey military orders, die at the border? Not all the good things caused by this good mother-in-law, the husband was so angry that he lifted the table, but the matter has come to this point, what else can we do? "The summons says that my husband's family has a widowed mother, and her mother misses her son so much that she can't afford to be ill. The prince is merciful and grants special permission for my husband to return to Beijing to report on his work, so that he can take care of his mother and share the family." Zhang Shi said coldly, originally husband is expected to be promoted this year, even general Huo in advance through the bottom, who knows the call in the capital, the husband was in a hurry round and round, after a lot of inquiries, only to know that there was a leak on Zhu Shi's side. Mother-in-law, Wang Ye has arranged a residence for my husband in the capital. If you have anything to clean up, move over and live with us. Let my husband and I be filial to you. When Zhu heard this, his face turned black. "Who told you to talk to your mother-in-law like that? This palace is my home. I'm not going anywhere." "Granny, now that your husband has returned to Beijing,die casting parts, you are still living in the palace. Do you want your husband to be scolded for being unfilial?" Zhang Shi patiently advised her, can not see the situation of the old fool, Wang Ye brought them back to Beijing, is to have a reasonable excuse to drive her out of the palace, she also played the idea of not leaving, is really a big face. You go back first, and don't mention it for the time being. "Well, I'll come back tomorrow to pick up my mother-in-law." After his daughter-in-law left, Zhu was so angry that she shouted abuse in the room, and the little girl ran away. After Huo Feng went down, he was blocked by Zhu Shi on the road. With a sad look on his face, Zhu Shi looked nervously at the man in front of him. There was no trace of emotion on his indifferent face. He said calmly, "The wet nurse is not adapted to living in the palace. It's the king who doesn't take good care of her. Now Qin Hao returns to Beijing, just in time for your family to enjoy family happiness." As soon as this word came out, Zhu turned pale with fright, and his face looked even more miserable. Her heart is anxious, Stainless steel foundry ,metal stamping parts, son came back, the hard work of the future is not to be ruined, she hurriedly pulled Huo Feng's sleeve, "Wang Ye, the maidservant's illness has been cured, there is no discomfort, ask Wang Ye to let Haoer back to the border." Huo Feng looked at her complicatedly. Once upon a time, the wet nurse became so greedy that she wanted to control his palace backyard. Earlier, she had heard that she had a cruel temper and had many means to the servants. Unexpectedly, she still wanted to hold his princess. She really dared to think! Since he inherited Guogongfu at the age of nineteen, he had never been manipulated. His position as a princess was not something she could sit on if she wanted to. His eyes fell on Zhu's wrist. The jade bracelet made people more and more dazzling, and his heart was even colder! "It's time for the wet nurse to take care of herself after all these years of hard work in the palace." Zhu Shi still wants to entangle, outside Huo Laosan comes over, followed by a strong young man, "thump" kneeling in front of Zhu Shi, "Niang, you go back with your son, let your son do filial piety well, serve you old." "Haoer, get up quickly." Zhu Shi hurriedly lifted his son up and looked at his son in the prime of life. He was tall and tall, with a black figure, but his eyes were tired and haggard. She couldn't help scolding Zhang Shi in her heart. She really didn't know how the daughter-in-law took care of her husband.

    Huo Feng waved his sleeve and walked toward the main courtyard. Over there, Zhu Shi still wanted to stop. Qin Hao hurriedly stopped his mother. Although he didn't say anything in his mouth, there were some strange mothers in his heart who couldn't figure out their identities. Now he only hoped that Wang Ye was still thinking about her previous good, so don't polish the only love. Just three general Huo said let him in the city gate, or a captain, he is very satisfied, later with his mother and the prince of this point, and then find a good job, also not than the border suffering. Seeing her son's silent request, Zhu had no choice but to go back to the convent. After a while, Mammy came, followed by the servants holding all kinds of rewards in their hands. "Pleasant leaves the mansion. The princess is very reluctant to give up. These things are all for pleasant use. Our princess said that if there is any need for pleasant in the future, just come to the palace." "Princess Xie!" Zhu Shi hated the tunnel and stared at the little girl who packed the box and cage next to her. As soon as the little girl's hand shook, the clothes in her hands were scattered all over the floor. In a pile of women's skirts, a man's robe with a black background and a gold border was particularly eye-catching. All the faces present were stunned. Zhu Shi hurried forward to put away the clothes. Mammy Gong quickly took the man's robe in her hand. The material and style of the clothes could never have been owned by Zhu's former man. Her face stiffened. She ignored Zhu's prayer and took the clothes back to Fengze Courtyard. Clothes placed in front of Huo Feng and Liansheng, Huo Feng's face became very ugly, this robe, how could he not recognize, is what his father wore before his death. This Zhu Shi, thought she was just a little domineering, did not expect to hide such a shameful mind, before dare to think of his father, it is an insult to them! The teacup in his hand was crushed by his pinch, so surprised that Liansheng hurried forward to check, but saw that the porcelain dregs fell all over the floor, but his hand was intact, relieved in his heart, this rough skin and thick flesh is also good. The voice of ice-like condensation sounded, "let that Zhu Shi hurriedly leave the house, after not being called,die cast light housing, not allowed to enter the house." "Yes." When Mammy Gong brought Wang Ye's words to Zhu, she collapsed on the ground and dared no longer plead for mercy. After nightfall, she left the mansion from the back of the palace. Chapter 50 asking for a purpose.

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