Qin Di _ Tang Jia San Shao _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Qin Di _ Tang Jia San Shao _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Qin Di _ Tang Jia San Shao _ txt Novel Paradise

    The ocean lowered her head, she did not say anything, but stretched out her cold little hand to hold Ye Yinzhu's other hand. Her hand is smaller than Xiangluan, very cold, when she pulled up Ye Yinzhu, the small hand also slightly trembled, very easy to produce protection. One warm and one cold, two different feelings filled Ye Yinzhu's heart at the same time, and for a time even his own mind was somewhat confused. The late autumn in the north was very cold, but at this time he was boiling hot all over, wishing he could find an ice lake to jump down comfortably. Sura's eyes revealed a trace of strange not strange, slightly angry way: "You are what, my fighting spirit is also good, why not look for me?" "Because you're not as pure as Yinzhu," said Xiangluan with a smile! At least I'm sure he won't have any bad intentions to pull him. And you and I can't be sure. And you're so thin that you can't take both of us. "Even if you can't take two, you can take one," Sura said. Xiangluan shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'm sorry. I don't like you to take it.". Ocean, what about you? The ocean did not say anything, but shook her head,PET blow moulding machine, indicating directly what she meant. Sura, I.. Small-say-t-xt-day. Don Chapter 29 Hunting Surprise (3) Today's second chapter is coming. Please vote and collect it. There is a watch at 8 o'clock. At the same time, it promotes a very good historical novel, and interested book friends can read it. 1911 The author of New China, Angel Oscar's latest masterpiece "usurping the Qing Dynasty" address: http://www. cmfwbookl _ ID = 182451 ——————————————————————————- "No need to explain, let's go." Sula glared at Ye Yinzhu mercilessly, then floated up and ran first towards the mountain forest. Ye Yinzhu had no choice but to take Xiangluan and Haiyang to follow him in embarrassment. The fighting spirit has been greatly improved, so that his speed has also increased invisibly. Although with two people,Edible oil filling machine, it was not difficult to follow Sura. Xiangluan and the ocean just felt a soft fighting spirit coming from Ye Yinzhu's hands, holding their bodies, as if they had no weight of their own, the surrounding scenery kept flying, although a little cold, but the feeling of flying almost close to the ground was really exciting. Along the gentle hillside, under the strength of Ye Yinzhu and Sula, half an hour later, they had reached the top of the mountain more than 1000 meters above sea level. The temperature at the top of the mountain is colder, but the air is fresher. It's so comfortable! Xiang Luan breathed a sigh of relief and leaned on Ye Yinzhu's shoulder. "What are we going to do next?" She asked. Sura, who was walking in front, looked out to the other side of the mountain. "Why, so many beasts?" Ye Yinzhu looked in the direction he was looking, and sure enough, water bottling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, in the woods on the other side of the mountain, a large number of wild animals were clearly visible, and they were moving in their direction. Beasts come in all shapes and sizes, but they all seem to be in a state of panic. I'm going. Sura gave a low shout, and his body scurried out like an arrow. Like a gray lightning, it had rushed down the hill in the blink of an eye, and the speed was so amazing that even Ye Yinzhu, who had risen to the fifth rank of Huangzhu, could not help but marvel. Xiangluan exclaimed, "It's so fast. It's worthy of being an assassin.". Yin Zhu, let's go and have a look. "Good." Ye Yinzhu urged the fighting spirit again, and took it to chase the direction of Sula and floated down the hill. Naturally, it was much easier to go down the mountain than to go up the mountain. He only needed to focus his fighting spirit on the three of them. Every time he jumped down the mountain, he came to the foot of the mountain in a short time amid the exclamations of the ocean and Xiangluan. Sura's action had already begun, and his lightning-like figure penetrated directly into the opposite mountain forest. Because the speed was too fast, his body was even somewhat illusory, holding her original black dagger in his right hand, and every time his body flashed, a wild animal would fall to the ground. Ye Yinzhu clearly saw that Sula's dagger was passing through the throat of the beast. The beasts could not even scream, and the blood spurted from their throats. No beast, no matter its size, could withstand a blow from Sura.

    Sura seemed to vent her previous unhappiness, and in just a few breaths, more than a dozen beasts had fallen to the ground. Suddenly there was a bloody smell in the cold air. Looking at the killing in front of him, Ye Yinzhu could not help but feel a little uncomfortable. He wanted to stop Sula, but Sula's movements were so fast that his eyes could not even catch Sula's figure. Wow, that's awesome. I haven't seen such a powerful assassin in a long time. It seems that he was not boasting when he said he had a good fighting spirit just now. Xiangluan did not have the inadaptability of Ye Yinzhu, but was very excited. She loosened her grip on Ye Yinzhu's hand, and with a flash of light from the space ring on her hand, her pipa had already fallen into her grasp. The right hand flicked, the green light flashed, and a crisp explosion went straight to the wild animals in the mountains like a bomb. This is the first time that Ye Yinzhu has seen Xiangluan perform magic. Xiangluan's explosive sound control is very accurate. Every time the explosive sound sounds, a beast will immediately fall to the ground with convulsions. Most of the wild animals in the mountain forest are first-class. How can they stop selling the explosive sound she released. Under her playing, the pipa itself releases a faint silver light, which is not an ordinary product at first sight. Xiangluan seemed to be competing with Sura, and in a short time, more than a hundred beasts had fallen to the ground under the attack of the two men. To her surprise, Surana's dagger attack speed was no slower than her string, and the number of hunts was still above her. The ocean did not join in the hunting, always standing quietly beside Ye Yinzhu, her cold little hand has been covered by Ye Yinzhu, holding his hand very tightly, as if afraid that he ran away. Sura, Xiangluan, that's enough. Although there are many of us,water filling machine, we can't eat so many wild animals. Don't kill any more. Ye Yinzhu shouted. Most of the beasts are not small, although the space ring can be completely contained, but too much hunting can not be eaten. gzxilinear.com

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