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    Super powers

    What level of VIP? "Are you? Lingyun hesitated for a moment and asked. Level 30. Jack immediately said, "This is also the highest VIP level in the casino at present." "That is to say, I have to go through fifty rounds of gambling, and I have to win every round of gambling to reach the same level as you?" "Yes." "What if I lose the bet and die?" Lingyun asked. Jack spread out his hands, shrugged his shoulders and grimaced smartly: "Mr. Lingyun, there is an old saying in China that life and death depend on fate and wealth. Everyone is going to die, but the way to die is different. If you die halfway, then you are not qualified to be my opponent, and you will not be able to find what you need. All this is naturally a dead end." "Okay, I get it." Lingyun sighed deeply again, "it seems that I have to gamble, don't I?"? Mr. Jack, you are a real jerk. "Thank you for your praise. In fact, many people call me Jack the Ripper, but I really feel honored to get a bastard from Mr. Lingyun." Jack continued to smile, showing his white teeth and looking very happy. Lingyun was too lazy to talk nonsense with him and went straight to the platoon number area. The staff in charge of sorting saw that the evil God had also participated in gambling. They were surprised to open their eyes wide until Lingyun put his hand in front of him for a long time. It was like waking up from a dream and handing Lingyun a serial number. Then they looked at Lingyun quietly behind the long line of gamblers. Waiting to be sorted. At the sight of Lingyun also joined the ranks of the gamblers, the gamblers had some small commotion,tannic acid astringent, it seems that they did not quite understand why they had to gamble with their lives after the teenager abolished the rules of forced participation in life and death gambling, the real gambler would not care about the rules, Lingyun was like an alien, but the gamblers were only interested in gambling. It soon quieted down. The numbers on the electronic display board kept jumping, and the cold electronic synthetic girls kept ringing: 456 please enter the fourth gambling area, 457 please enter the fifth gambling area, 458 please enter.. In another passage parallel to the line of gamblers,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, the staff in white uniforms were still busy, running in and out, carrying the bodies of gamblers who had just lost and committed suicide out of the casino. There was only one entrance and one exit in the casino. From time to time, idle gamblers came in from the entrance, while the exit was only responsible for the transportation of the bodies. Several staff members guarded the exit. No gamblers or tourists are allowed to approach. Lingyun looked at the direction of the entrance and exit, where it was dark, although there was no door, but like the entrance and exit of the hall, the outside world was blocked by the same sealing force, do not know what is outside the casino in the end, or simply nothing, only endless void turbulence? Lingyun thought silently. He can go to the entrance and exit to see, akba boswellic acid ,fenugreek saponins, but it is meaningless to do so, the test of the fourth hall has begun, although it is related to gambling, but Lingyun still does not know what the test is, is it to exercise their gambling skills and luck? It seems that it is not so simple, if only so, Jack should be the last BOSS, but it seems that Jack is just an ordinary person, at least in Lingyun's view, Jack is just an ordinary person. However, the test of the fourth hall seems to be significantly different from the test of the first three halls. At least in the casino, Lingyun did not find objects or clocks that represented the time limit, which meant that he at least did not have to worry about the passage of time. It may be that the time has not yet come and the time limit has not yet been triggered, but from experience, this possibility is relatively small. I don't know how Xiao Rou is. Have you, like yourself, encountered a strange situation in which you can't find a way out for the time being? Lingyun suddenly remembered his girlfriend, suddenly sour in his heart, that beautiful and picturesque girl, in his heart as if to turn around, is looking at him affectionately, smiling at him and making faces. Lingyun's heart suddenly became very soft.

    "736, please enter the eighth gambling area, 736, please enter the eighth gambling area.." Ruthless electronic synthesis voice, broke Lingyun light reverie, he took a look at the serial number in his hand, and finally decided to arrange himself, below, it is time to come on stage. Lingyun tidied up his clothes and strode forward. Two staff members verified the serial number in his hand, and then smiled and guided him to the eighth gambling area. Chapter 349 Roulette. "What would you like to play, sir?" A staff member wearing a purple vest quickly came over and asked Lingyun politely. Look at his good etiquette, which was obviously highly trained. If Lingyun hadn't known that this was a gambling casino with his life, he would have thought he was in a noble and elegant Western restaurant. You first introduce it, for example, how many gambling areas are there in the casino, what gambling methods are there in each gambling area, and what is the main gambling area in the eighth gambling area. And the rules of gambling? Lingyun thought about it and asked, he knew almost nothing about gambling,jujube seed powder, usually indifferent, but now he intends to go through five passes and six generals, so at least the way and rules of gambling still need to be understood. The staff member was secretly surprised. It was the first time he had seen a gambler in a casino who was not clear about the way and rules of gambling. It was almost incredible. What was even more incredible was that the layman teenager had become his immediate superior.

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