The Twilight Saga

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  • The Twilight Saga

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    The Twilight Saga

    Then he walked back to the driver's seat at a normal human speed. I tried to fasten my own seat belt. But this seat belt has too many buckles. What are all these things? I asked as he opened the door. This is a special seat belt for off-road vehicles. "Oh-oh." I'm trying to figure out the right match for each pair of fastenings, but the progress is too slow. He sighed again and reached out to help me. I was glad that the rain was too heavy to see Charlie standing on the porch. It also meant he couldn't see how Edward's hands were running around my neck, touching my collarbone. I gave up helping him and concentrated on holding my breath. Edward turned the key and the engine roared to life. We drove the car away from the front of the house. You have a.. Uh. It's a big SUV. This is Emmett's. I don't think you want to run all the way. "Where do you park your car?" "We converted one of the outbuildings into a garage." "Aren't you going to put on your seat belt?" He looked at me with questioning eyes. And then something came into my mind. Running all the way? Does that mean we have to run a long way? My voice went up eight steps imperceptibly. He grinned nervously. You don't have to run. "I'll pass out." "Close your eyes and you'll be fine." I bit my lip and tried to suppress my fear. He leaned over, kissed the top of my head, and sighed. I looked at him in confusion. You smell good in the rain. He explained. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I asked cautiously. He sighed. It's both. It's usually both. I don't know how he managed to find his way through the darkness and the pouring rain, but he eventually found a side road, not so much a road as a mountain path. For a long time we couldn't talk because I kept bouncing up and down on the seat like a jackhammer. However, he seemed to enjoy driving on such roads, and he laughed all the way. Then we reached the end of the road. Trees form a green fence around the three sides of the SUV. The rain was subsiding by the second. It had turned into a kind of drizzle. The sky behind the clouds became a little brighter. I'm sorry,Inflatable water obstacle course, Bella. We're gonna have to walk from here. Do you know what I'm going to do? I'll wait for you here. Where is your courage? You were very brave this morning. "I haven't forgotten the last time." This just happened yesterday? He came around me like a gust of wind. He started to unbuckle my seat belt. I'll do it myself, you go. I urged. Uh, um.. He said thoughtfully as he quickly undid all the fastenings. Maybe I'll have to modify your memory. Before I knew it,Inflatable indoor park, he had pulled me out of the car and let me fall to the ground. Now the rain has turned into a drizzle. Alice was right. Revise my memory? I asked with trepidation. Something like this. He looked at me intently, but there was a strong tease in his eyes. He put his hands on the SUV, landed on the sides of my head, and then leaned over me, forcing me against the door. His face was inches away from mine. I have no way to escape. Now, "he said softly, and his breath completely disturbed my thoughts." What are you worried about? "Well, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable meltdown, uh, hit a tree-" I swallowed "-killed, and dizzy." He responded with a smile. He lowered his head and gently kissed my neck with cold lips. Now, are you still worried? He murmured against my skin. Yes I struggled to continue. Worried about hitting trees and getting dizzy. His nose gently pressed against my skin, sliding from my throat all the way to my jaw. His cold breath tickled my skin. What about now? He pressed his lips to my jaw and whispered. "Trees," I gasped. Motion sickness. He lowered his head and kissed my eyelids. Bella, you didn't really think I was gonna hit a tree, did you? No, but I might.

    There is no confidence in my voice. He smelled victory in sight. Slowly, he kissed me all the way down the cheek and stopped right at the corner of my mouth. Would I let you crash into a tree? His lips brushed lightly over my trembling lower lip. "No," I gasped. I know I have to add if I'm going to fight back well. But I really can't say it. Then, almost roughly, he took my face in his hands and kissed me in a rapt way, his hard lips rubbing against mine. I really can't find an excuse for my behavior. Obviously, I'm more aware of the consequences now than I was last time, but I can't help but react as I did the first time. Instead of staying there safely and motionless, I stretched out my arms and wrapped them tightly around his neck, and then suddenly clung to his marble features. I gasped and opened my lips. He backed away unsteadily, effortlessly breaking free of my grip. Damn it, Bella! He broke free and gasped. I swear, I will die at your hands sooner or later. I bent down and steadied myself with my hands on my knees. You're not gonna die. I mumbled, trying to hold my breath. I used to believe that before I met you. Now,Inflatable bouncer, let's get out of here before I do something really stupid. He threw me on his back like before, and I saw that he had gone to a lot of trouble to be as gentle as before. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clasped my arms around his neck. Don't forget to close your eyes. He warned sternly. I quickly pressed my head against his shoulder blade and buried it under my arm, then closed my eyes tightly.

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