Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742.

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  • Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742.

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    Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742.

    After Uto's command, Russ walked up to the misty stick. Hua Yun stared at Russ, not letting go of any of Russ's actions. Russ stretched out his hand and pulled a few times on the stick. Immediately, the dew stick swelled up again. Suddenly! The stick cracked, and Russ, standing outside, stepped into the stick. Wait for Russ to completely enter the strange space of the misty dew stick, whoosh! The magic dew stick suddenly contracted and restored its original shape. As soon as Hua Yun put his hand on the stick, he suddenly felt a subtle change in the body of the stick. At this time, Hua Yun found that Russ, who had entered the body of the Milu stick, was absorbing the energy inside. With the absorption of energy. Russ is growing in size, too. At the same time, Russ's breath is also undergoing drastic changes. Magical! Hua Yun opened his eyes wide, and he suddenly understood that the human-shaped space inside the dew stick was for the plant giant,plastic pallet supplier, and he couldn't help thinking of what Erdo had said about the importance of the dew stick to the plant giant. It turns out that the growth of the plant giant needs the energy supplied by the dew stick to grow. No wonder the plant giants attach so much importance to the dew stick. Without the energy supply of the dew stick, the plant giants can't grow up at all. To Hua Yun's surprise. Russ, who originally had only the strength of the eighth rank. After just a few minutes of growth, the strength broke through to the holy level. And. Russ's strength is still growing steadily. Whoa whoa whoa! Uto said suddenly. Master Huayun! Uto said that this magic stick is a necessity for their growth. At the same time, it's their weapon. Erdo explained to Hua Yun. Weapons? Hua Yun quickly turned his head and looked at Uto and Erdo in confusion. Uh! Please come here first and let Uto show you. Erdo nodded his head. Hua Yun got out of the way and stared curiously at Uto. He wanted to see how Uto used these magic sticks. See, after Uto walks to the front of the misty dew stick,plastic trash bins, both hands hold the misty dew stick, the buttocks squat down. Ang! The stick was uprooted by Uto, and the stick, like a baseball bat, was held on Uto's shoulder. Whoa Uto shouted twice. The plant giants who were watching took a few steps back and gave up the space. When Uto saw that all the clansmen got out of the way, he immediately raised the magic stick in his hand.  Uto mercilessly smashed the misty dew stick to the ground, and the surrounding airflow, like a piece of cloth being pulled, quickly gathered around the misty dew stick. Under the pull of the airflow, Hua Yun, plastic pallet supplier ,wholesale plastic pallet, standing in the distance, felt his body leaning forward. Boom! The dew stick hit the ground hard, and the ground suddenly raised countless dust, and the rubble shot out in all directions. After the dust dispersed, a three-meter-wide pit appeared in front of Huayun and Erdo. Looking at the pit, Hua Yun gasped. If this magic stick falls on you. He couldn't imagine. Hua Yun is well aware of the hardness of the temple ground, even Luo Wei such a master need to use the spirit to crack the ground, visible ground hard. After smashing the ground, Uto was preparing to insert the magic stick back. Slow! Don't put it back yet. Hua Yun suddenly reached out to stop Uto. Uto stopped and looked doubtfully at Erdo. Erdo was equally confused, but when he saw Huayun squatting on the ground to study the pit with the dew stick, he cast a reassuring look at Uto, and at the same time made a hiss gesture with his index finger on his mouth. Under the gaze of Erdo and Uto, Huayun's hand gently stroked the ground. Through the ground, he felt the extremely high temperature under the ground. After a long time, Hua Yun withdrew his hand and stood up from the ground. Has anyone ever helped you grow a dew stick before? Hua Yun turned to Uto and asked. Ah Uto nodded repeatedly. Is it a planter? "Ah." Uto's eyes lit up with joy, and he nodded his head repeatedly. In the side of Erdo was surprised, he could not help but look at Hua Yun: "How do you know?" Erdo and Uto have spiritual communication, so Erdo can understand Uto's words.

    Erdo just felt strange, how did Hua Yun know what he didn't know? "These magic sticks have been used to perform plant magic, and these planting techniques are unique to the planter." Hua Yun pointed to the location where the dew stick was planted. Although Hua Yun saw that the dew stick was planted by the planter, it made him feel strange. Hua Yun doesn't know many of the planters on the mainland. But there are only a few well-known ones in the phytograph circle. Moreover, the profession of planters has only appeared in the land of Allen for thousands of years. Which planter has reached the strength above the level of the God, and has the divine world to enter the sub-divine world? It is reasonable to say that the plant master who can reach the level of God will surely have a great reputation on the land of Allen. "It turns out that a planter has been here." No wonder. Erdo was suddenly enlightened. He's not a planter. He doesn't see plant magic at all. No wonder what? Hua Yun couldn't help asking. No wonder Uto invited me. It turned out that there had been a planter here. Erdo sighed, and then he suddenly asked, "So.." Master Huayun! Is there any way to solve it? "The way!"! Of course there is! Hua Yun nodded his head. "Ah." Hearing that Hua Yun had a way, Uto and the giants of the plant department immediately boiled up. In fact, Hua Yun has a way, after observing for a while, he has found a solution. Although these misty dew sticks are different from ordinary plants, they still belong to the category of plants. However, in addition to some necessary nutrients, these dew sticks absorb more than other plants, which is geothermal. Chapter 322 the spirit of Vulcan. The geothermal energy under the dew stick is not inexhaustible, because the geothermal energy needs to be transmitted. And the speed of absorption is very fast, so it is difficult to keep up with the geothermal heat. Just like eating,plastic wheelie bins, if a person eats very fast, and the food can only be supplied so little, he can not keep up with the speed of the person who eats in the end. cnplasticpallet.com

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