Wanted: Offending the Best President

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  • Wanted: Offending the Best President

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    Wanted: Offending the Best President

    Qian Yiyi recalled the scene at that time and was clearly bored. It turns out that another colorful glass is in the lion stone statue in the study. If she had returned to Germany instead of ambushing him in Taiwan in the first place, would there have been less entanglement between them. Without that sudden car accident. Without the same money as a child. Without his company. Would they be better off without that memory? Is not too reluctant to love the people, often predestined but not share it? Ken finally turned his head and glanced at Qian Yiyi with his head down beside him. He deliberately ignored her absence, but said calmly and deeply, "Time is running out!"! Let's move quickly! "Yes!" Qian Yiyi still lowered his head and spoke in a sullen voice. The two men tacitly opened the doors beside them at the same time and stepped out of the car firmly. The footsteps on the grass made a "rustling" sound. There is no moonlight, but there are stars. Those cold but little stars, shining under such a cold light, scattered in her eyes, leaving only a little bit of melancholy starlight. The two figures entered Xi's villa like ghosts, and after the black-clad bodyguards were attacked, they entered the villa in a hurry and cautiously. Xi Bosheng's room was on the third floor, and they rushed up to the third floor of the villa. At the corner of the third floor, the two men twisted their bodies against the wall. Ken quickly poked his head out and back, his eyes shining in the darkness, and the flow of his eyes revealed a message that only two people could understand. He pulled a gun out of his arms and handed it to her. Seeing that she hesitated to take it, she shook her head and nodded. ……” Qian Yiyi immediately understood and took the pistol. She nodded at Ken, counting "1, 2, 3" in her mind, and suddenly turned and rushed out of the wall,24v Gear Motor, shooting at the black-clad bodyguards patrolling back and forth, spraying spray from the muzzle. The two men frowned in an instant. Ken flashed up behind them and blindfolded them one by one to prevent them from making a sound. In a few seconds, they were captured. Ken released his hand and threw them to the ground. She met his eyes in the darkness. They turned their heads at the same time and looked at the bedroom at the end of the aisle on the third floor. He walked softly to the front of the room and reached out to open the door. In the room, Xi Bosheng was already asleep. Older people often suffer from insomnia every night and take a small amount of sleeping pills under the doctor's advice to fall asleep. At the moment, his breathing was smooth and he did not feel the slightest danger. Ken slowly approached him, put the pistol on his forehead, and a deep male voice sounded, "Xi Bosheng!"! We want the colorful colored glaze, hand over the things obediently! We won't touch you! "You.." He awoke from his sleep with a sudden attack of something cold and hard on his forehead. Get up now! Take us to the study on the second floor! We just want that thing! Ken's voice is still cold. Xi Bosheng was slightly flustered. He obediently got up from the bed. When he stood up, he found a thin shadow hidden in the direction of the door. The room was too dark for him to see clearly. But this wipe figure, Brushless Gear Motor ,small geared motors, unexpectedly let oneself feel familiar. Why do you know that the colorful glass is in my hand? After all, he was a man who had seen a big scene, and he instantly regained his composure and asked in a deep voice. Logically speaking, in this world, no one will know that the colorful glass is in the Xi family. There are too many people trying to get it by all means. Except Yohji, of course, and Qian Yiyi, who escaped with another colorful glass. Chapter 168: Put down your gun. It won't be Yohji! Then there is only.. Qian Yiyi?.. That girl?.. Xi Bosheng narrowed his old eyes and tried to see the figure clearly in the dark. His forehead was still against the pistol, and he walked slowly in the direction of the gate, getting closer and closer to the figure. It's really you! Although it was only a vague outline, he could clearly see her eyes. At that time, I felt that the girl brought back by Yohji was not a thing in the pool, but I didn't expect that the girl who had been praised as "jade in the rough" would run away with colorful glass on the wedding day.

    Remembering Yohji's angry promise- "Grandpa!"! She is not such a girl! She must have a reason! But today, she appeared in front of him again, with her companions. And what is her purpose? But for another colorful glass! Such a girl, will she know? Even though she got the colorful glass, she failed to live up to a person's heart. And now he knew from his son that little known thing, that man, perhaps not many days, perhaps many days. Yohji. His grandson.. Grandpa is willing to give you anything, but this girl, Grandpa can't give you! Xi Bosheng sighed with emotion for a moment. He said in a hoarse voice, "Miss Qian!"! I can give you another colorful glass! You and your companions don't need to be nervous and use force! "Just, can you stay and see Yao Si later?" Qian Yiyi was stunned when she heard his words. Just now, she had thought of thousands of scenes, Yohji's grandfather may be furious, may be angry to the extreme. But she never thought that an old man would make such a request. Is it because of Xi Yaoshi? He loves his grandson very much, because Yao Si. Why doesn't that man have such affection? Why did the man escape alone at that time? “……” She looked at Xi Bosheng in silence and was speechless for a moment. Ken seemed to see her helplessness and said in a deep voice, "Old Master Xi!"! You can take us to the study first! The gun was still pressed against the old man's forehead, as if it were a threat, and he pushed it a little harder. Xi Bosheng sighed in his heart, not knowing why, he intuitively felt that they would not hurt himself. Qian Yiyi got out of the way,Gear Reduction Motor, and the door was just closed by her backhand. At this moment, she turned around and reached for the door handle, turning it slowly. ichgearmotor.com

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