Xi silk only for you in this life

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  • Xi silk only for you in this life

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    Xi silk only for you in this life

    "Your daughter this kind of beauty does not have the capital to accompany the wine young lady, you rest assured, in addition does not know to act coquettishly that set, not to mention.". Do you think you gave birth to a great beauty? Is it convenient to do anything? So what exactly do you do? Always let me know! You just decide everything by yourself and don't tell your parents. You always make us worry and blame us for nagging. I said it was really hard to give birth to you. "I'm going back. I'm working hard and hard like a cow." If I had known, I would not have come back. I just turned around and almost threw it into a man's bosom. It was Jiang Mu who suddenly stopped his figure and reacted earlier than Qingyun. Young master, why are you here? Is there something I need to do in the main house? Jiang Mu hurriedly walked out, and smiled gallantly, where there is just cursing the rigid face! Qingyun turned his eyes to the sky and threw the bag over his shoulder. I'm leaving. Leto reached out and grabbed her hand. Qingyun, I'm coming for you. "I can't bear it, thanks to you!" As long as she stood on the land of the Lei family, she would always feel inferior to others, and then she could not put on a good face to him! The disparity of status weighed heavily on her mind again, forming a huge shadow. What kind of attitude is that? Be careful that your father knows and hits you again! Jiang Mu scolded again. Lei Tuo hurriedly laughed. "Jiang Ma, Qingyun and I have left in advance, I am looking for her,Artificial Marble Slabs, you have a good rest, goodbye!" He immediately grabbed Qingyun and walked quickly out of the back door. Let it go After a long walk, Qingyun tried to shake off Leituo's hand, but sometimes Leituo was not so easy to get rid of, and she could not help him when he was firm. Like right now. Walking out of the back door of Lei's house,Granite Slab Supplier, there is a large landscape of green mountains and waters, and it is well planned. They walked all the way along the green and stopped in a wood. He pulled her to sit on the ground together, and Qingyun could not break free for a moment and fell into his arms. He was very eager to meet Leituo's aggressive deep kiss, as if to invade her heart, as if to kiss off her newly built layer of defense. : Qingyun put her arms around his shoulders, but he was not afraid of the pain. Instead, she was so weak that her hands were sore that she had to obey his kiss. Gradually, she unconsciously put her arms around his waist and let him encroach on it. When she began to feel that she saw the blue sky, she realized that she was lying on the grass, and Leituo, who occupied a large blue sky field of vision, Pietra Gray Marble ,white marble slabs, was looking at her with burning eyes, which were as deep and burning as she had ever seen. As her consciousness became clearer, she raised her hand and gently walked along his handsome features; he was a little scary without his gentle face, but she was still stirred by the wild kiss just now. He's afraid.. What are you afraid of? She asked, finding her voice hoarse. Do not draw a hierarchy between us, I am still me, you are still you, I love you for so long, it is not easy for you to be moved, do not deny the feelings between us because of the differences in material life, I can not stand this! Qingyun. Qingyun. You are an open-minded girl. Why do you have a prejudice against me? Is it because you are really too used to bullying me that you want to make things difficult for me everywhere? Leituo said sincerely, not allowing Qingyun to escape a little. Is it really because he is so good to her that she doesn't cherish it at all? You're not me. Of course you don't know how I feel. Leto. I'm not open-minded, I really mind! She pillowed her head on his arm and said helplessly. She loves him, really loves him! The discovery of this fact made her want to cry! When did this happen? When I found out, I knew that love was too deep to extricate myself. Don't try to run away from me. If you really mind, we can work something out. What else can be done? Live together? It's all right. You can live with me. Anyway, Junhua will soon become your cousin. But she still remembers Leto's adamant opposition to cohabitation. I want to live with you legally. Living together is out of the question. His mind was full of twists and turns, but he was still considering whether to say it.

    "Could there be a better way?"? The Duke of Windsor is out of fashion in this day and age! Taiwan is so big. Do you want to elope with me? This is even more unlikely. Lei Tuo glanced at her and said with a faint smile: "Just give your parents a pension and show them the door!" Qingyun's reaction was to jump up and shout. No way! My parents are only in their early fifties, and they can live for at least thirty years. Now they are going to retire. How will they spend their days in the future? Besides, their friends are all in this house, once out of the electric home, they will really become lonely old people! Don't give me any bad ideas! Your parents' work is what you care about most, so what else can I do if you don't want to marry me! As long as your parents walk out of Lei's house, then you can marry me without any hard feelings, can't you? "You only think of me. Why don't you think that maybe your father won't allow you to marry the servant's daughter at all?" "He has always respected my decision, and I have already told him." "Did you say that?"? What did you say? Qingyun is very nervous, did not expect Lei Tuo actually said to Lei Mingyang. At this point, Leituo didn't say much, just shrugged his shoulders. If he doesn't object. I said Qingyun, shall we marry Lei Huang on the same day? "No, if you don't explain clearly, don't talk about it next!"! Does your dad know about me? Do you know I'm his driver's daughter? Qingyun won't let go. He knows, and he wants to meet you formally, tomorrow,white marble mosaic, at the National Hotel. "No!" She cried out and hit him with her hand. You took the liberty to decide for me that I don't want to see your father! I don't want to be your Lei's daughter-in-law at all. I won't go tomorrow! "It's not for nothing if I die young!" Leituo let her beat him, murmuring. I-I-you go to hell! Qingyun suddenly stopped and turned to run away. Her hands were red, and it was conceivable that Leituo would be very painful. forustone.com

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