You are the most delicious in the world.

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  • You are the most delicious in the world.

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    You are the most delicious in the world.

    Mr. Fu, a modest gentleman, would certainly not be willing to be drenched. Ye Jia lowered her head, the corners of her mouth quietly opened a sly smile, looked up, and saw his eyes, she immediately restrained her smile, quietly. Just when Ye Jia was overjoyed, a man's voice came: "Teacher Fu, no umbrella?" The security guard in the guard room was so enthusiastic that he quickly took out a black umbrella and handed it to Fu Zhiyan: "This is the emergency umbrella prepared by the school for the teacher. Here you are." "Thank you." Fu Zhiyan took the umbrella. Ye Jia looked at Xiao Wang's overjoyed virtue, which should be Fu Zhiyan's younger brother. She gnashed her teeth and her eyes were like knives, just short of gouging out a hole in the face of the security guard. Fu Zhiyan took a look at Ye Jia, and she vaguely felt that the corners of his mouth were raised with a half-smile. Fu Zhiyan turned his face and looked at the heavy rain outside. The mist filled the air. It seemed that the rain could not stop for a while. Just when Ye Jia thought Fu Zhiyan was going to leave her alone, Fu Zhiyan said lightly, "Let's go." He turned and walked towards the inside of the teaching building. What does he mean? Tell her to go, or tell her to follow him? Ye Jia is not sure, Fu Zhiyan has walked some distance, looked back at her again, a distant lightning across the sky, illuminated his quiet face. Ye Jia is in high spirits, which is the second meaning! "Professor Fu, wait for me,Small Dc Gear Motor, I'll lock the car!" Ye Jia shouted happily, his eyes and eyebrows were full of smiles, holding the car lock, locking the battery car with a click, carrying the insulation box, quickly catching up with Fu Zhiyan's pace, walking happily at his feet. Have fun! Ye Jia followed Fu Zhiyan into the elevator and came to the door of an office on the fifth floor. Fu Zhiyan took out the key and opened the door. He went in and pressed the button. The incandescent light flashed and lit up. The office is neatly furnished, with a clean black wooden desk,Low Rpm Electric Motor, a fish tank with two goldfish in it, a few pens in the pen holder, and a black leather sofa on one side of the room, which looks quite high-end. On the other side, there are vertical wooden bookshelves against the wall. When he entered the room, he took off his uniform jacket and hung it on the hanger, revealing that he was wearing a slim white shirt. He picked up the remote control of the air conditioner on the cabinet and turned on the air conditioner to dispel the heat in the room. This is his office! Seeing Ye Jia still standing at the gate at a loss, embarrassed, Fu Zhiyan pointed to the sofa and motioned for her to sit down. Ye Jia nodded obediently, moved to the sofa, put the lunch box on the tea table, and sat down. What he means is to let her wait here for the rain to stop. Fu Zhiyan went to the windowsill, brought in several pots of green plants outside, and put them in the corner to avoid the wind and rain. Then he turned around, picked up the goldfish feed on the cabinet, Small Geared Motors ,Planetary Gear Motor, and sprinkled a few grains of fish food on the water. Ye Jia looked at him to serve the flowers and plants, and served the goldfish to eat, turned around and meticulously closed the window, at this time Fu Zhiyan, the whole body cold swept away, eyes soft, less before the cold alienation. It gives people a feeling of comfort. Then he picked up a document on the table, took out a pen from the pen holder, reclined on the chair, and began to read. Is he going to work. Ye Jia sat on the sofa in a regular way, looking curiously at the furnishings of the whole office, refusing to leak a crack. For a long time, Fu Zhiyan raised his eyes, glanced at her and said, "If you are bored, you can watch TV." He pointed to the large LCD TV hanging on the wall. The configuration of this office is quite good! Ye Jia repeatedly shook his head: "Don't look, don't disturb your work." She is very sensible. Fu Zhiyan did not say what, the attention turned to the document again, only carelessly way: "The book on the bookshelf, you can read." Is he so afraid of her boredom? Ye Jia grinned secretly, but in fact she only looked at him.

    Ye Jia still got up and went to the front of the bookcase. The bookcase was very big, and it was the same dark wood color as the desk. There were many books, most of which were foreign monographs, thick hard book covers, with gilded English letters on them. Ye Jia went to the other side of the bookcase, where Chinese books were placed, including social sciences, literature, and of course, more professional books on criminal investigation. Books are the things she is most afraid of. But it seems that Fu Zhiyan likes reading very much. Professor Fu, can I look at it casually? Ye Jia turned his head and asked. Uh He answered carelessly, without looking up. Ye Jia gently opened the bookcase, glanced around, and finally landed on a book on the third floor, called The Museum of Innocence. She was immediately attracted by the title of the book. She stood on tiptoe and stretched her arms to reach the book. She was 1.6 meters tall, and her fingertips touched the book cover. She jumped several times, but she still couldn't reach it. Finally, there seemed to be a little noise on the other side of the desk. Ye Jia concentrated on taking the book, but did not notice that Fu Zhiyan had already walked behind her. He stretched out his hand and took the book out of the shelf. As soon as Ye Jia looked back, he saw that he and she were only separated by a square inch. His abdomen, close to her back, easily took the book out. Ye Jia held his breath and dared not breathe. His height, a full 1.85 meters, she looked back, eyes just level to his chest, shirt meticulously and strictly bound, outlined the developed muscles of the chest. Swallowed a mouthful of saliva.. My throat is a little smoky. This "Mmm." Ye Jia nodded repeatedly. He took out the Museum of Innocence and handed it to her. Ye Jia smiled: "Thank you, Professor Fu." He didn't say anything and turned back. Ye Jia took the hard copy of the Museum of Innocence and asked him, "Teacher Fu,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, what is this book about?" Her inquisitive manner really made her look like a curious student. A love story. Discovering the surprise of Ye Jia's eyes, he coughed lightly and continued to explain: "Love is one of the eternal motifs of literature." He likes to read literary books, so naturally he can't avoid reading. Wait Explain so much to do. Hum.

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