Blocking: Remove directional from darker

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  • Blocking: Remove directional from darker

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    Blocking: Remove directional from darker

    Here's my suggestion for changes:

    Blocking: Remove directional from it. If you start a block while an enemy is in front of you your character automatically blocks in a manner that allows you to block the attack. This may seem like dumbing down at first but it will eventually be in service to the mechanics later in order to make it easier.

    Right clicking using weapons or staffs in the palm, it performs an extremely short time period known as a parry, The duration of the block can be determined by how easy it is to theoretically block with the weapon. For example, a dagger probably would have a small time frame, while a staff or spear will have a larger window.

    The result of a successful counterattack is only a short period during which the opponent can't respond with another attack that already happens but its important for the foundation to be declared.

    You should always attack immediately following an effective parry. pretty obvious.

    Parrying will interrupt the windup and first frames of your attack , but lasts a shorter time when you parry. It allows players to try to force opponents into parrying. This creates a time where you can hit a successful hit and allows an individual to penalize players who are simply trying to smash LB and take advantage having good equipment.

    Holding shift up raises your shield defensively , as part of walking slower. This lets you use your shield to deflect projectile attacks in the same way it is currently used, which means that rangers can use it to shoot, though blocking melee attacks with your shield is now identical to parrying.
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