The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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  • The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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    The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

    You went back. How is Yoon Tae? How is he? How is your mother? Yin Jishan faced the watermelon with green skin and red sand flesh. He was in a daze with tears in his eyes. He didn't hear Yongzheng's words. Hong Li, who was beside him, pushed him. Then he woke up with a start and said in a panic, "Ah?"? Ah! Everything is good in the slave's term of office. Several people laughed when they heard this. Hongli repeated Yongzheng's words and then said in a panic, "Please forgive me. The slave is still looking at Yue Zhongqi's mother. He can't help feeling that he has lost his mind." He knelt down and kowtowed bareheaded. His voice trembled and he gasped for breath. It took him a long time to say, "I'm going back to the mansion.." Back to the house. The following words could not be picked up, and Hong Li spoke beside them. "Yoon Tae didn't let him in," he said. "Why?" Yongzheng's facial muscles jumped imperceptibly. "My son came all the way back, but he was turned away. What's the reason?"? This unreasonable old fool! No, no.. Hooray! Yin Jishan was so flustered that he didn't know what to say. "Father just said that the slave is now a feudal official with a high position. He should put the country before the family.". Wait. Wait until you've seen the master's report. It's not too late to meet again. As soon as they heard it, they knew that Yin Tai's original words would never be so gentle and polite. Hong Li, too familiar with the family, sighed and said, "I see.". Perhaps I was not careful in doing things, and the gift I gave to Jishan's mother was known to others in the family, which caused this idle dispute. Yin Jishan knocked his head more and more quickly and stammered, "Wang Ye.." Wang Ye,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, don't say that. You can't say this, this, this. Always follow the good and not filial piety to heaven, one. It's one man's fault. "It's not right!" Yongzheng threw the melon skin into the plate, wiped his hands and raised his face thoughtfully, "You get up.". It's just that your old jealous jar has been turned over again, and it's not a big deal. When is Yin Tai's birthday? "Back to the emperor." Yin Jishan said,fake ficus tree, "the day after tomorrow.". The birthday gifts brought by the slave are all in the inn and can't be sent back. Then his eyes turned red again. Yongzheng had been in silence for a long time, but he had already figured out Yin Jishan's difficult situation: he could neither say his father's fault nor find a reason to defend his father, and he could not help feeling that Yue Zhongqi's mother and son were in love with the emperor. Such a great talent, such a great official, for the family affairs were tossed like sitting in the thorns, Yongzheng also sighed. "I already know your difficulties," he said. "You don't have to say anything. Hong Li- " "My son is here." "You," Yongzheng's face was expressionless, "now you take Jishan and go to Yintai Mansion to see if he sees his son!" Yin Jishan was frightened and hurriedly said, "Long live you.." This is absolutely impossible. "What can't be used?" "I don't believe in the system," said Yongzheng. "I don't believe in your mistress, the lion in the east of the river! You just go, artificial banyan trees ,silk ficus tree, I still have a favor later. Here is Sun Chia-kan and Yu Hung-tu. When we talk, I am happy today, and now I just want to talk more. "There are a lot of people in the garden tomorrow, but you can't. Go up and have a look at Yue Zhongqi and go." Yin Jishan still wanted to speak, looked at Yongzheng's face and did not dare to speak again. He went out for a while, but heard a noise of chariots and horses outside the post, and gradually went away. Yue Zhongqi has already brought in the curtain. Yin Jishan and Hong Li rode in the same car, frowning all the way. When Hong Li saw that he had already entered the city, he said with a smile, "Where are you, the man who is capable, decisive, handsome, and free and easy?"? With me, can old Yoon-tae whip you? Don't worry "Can you live in my house?" Yin Jishan shook his head and said with a wry smile, "You don't know, the whip can't be whipped. That's a terrible crime. It's better to have a good whipping!"! Alas. Master, why is this? I still have something to report to my master and you, so I'm here. "What's the matter?" Asked Hong Li with a smile. Yin Jishan heaved a sigh of relief: "There are so many rumors outside." Hong Li's eyes jumped and stared at Yin Jishan without a word. Yin Jishan sighed, "I can only say a little briefly this time. It's all gossip.". "It is said that the emperor was not in the right position because he usurped the throne of the Fourteenth Master." Hong Li smiled pointlessly and said, "I've heard that before.".

    It is said that Longkeduo changed the testamentary edict of "passing on the throne to the fourteen sons" to "passing on the throne Is it located in the fourth son? "It's more than that." Yin Jishan said, "the emperor banned Longkeduo in order to silence him.". He also said that the emperor. Ruthless, exterminate, ArchenaSeth blacken them. These brothers can't be spared. Also said that the first queen mother is not sick, is the emperor and the queen mother quarrel, the queen mother in a fit of pique. Hanging a beam to commit suicide-it is also said to touch the pillar. And died, the emperor refused to repair the tomb in Zunhua, is afraid. Afraid.. "What are you afraid of?" "I'm afraid I won't be able to see my ancestors and ancestors after I die!" Hong Li's body suddenly leaned back, and he was shocked for a moment. Seeing the brilliant lights outside, he had arrived at Yin Tai's residence. But he was in a mess, no matter what. Can't hold back the ups and downs of the heart. Hong Li was still in a daze until he stopped the car. "You go down first," he said for a long time. "I'll calm down a little. Then I'll come down." "Fourth Master," said Yin Jishan, "it's me, Meng Lang. I shouldn't be saying this at this time. In fact, there is good news. Dong Meiyuan and I are going to play it calmly. Don't eat your heart. Then he got out of the car and stood beside it. When the housekeeper came up to see him, Hong Li had settled down and got out of the car. It was the second master who came back. The housekeeper held up the lamp for a long time and said with a smile, "Second Master, it's not that the younger ones are bold. It's really that the old man has a bad temper.". I'm still angry with the old lady now! Just now came the word, say two. If the second master comes back again. Please go back first. Before he had finished speaking,outdoor ficus tree, there was a slap in the face. You get in there! The five tastes of Hong Li's belly were not in harmony. He shouted angrily, "Tell Yin Tai that Prince Bao came to visit him and asked him if he saw him or not." The information is collected on the Internet and the copyright belongs to the original author. This book is produced by "Lonely Goose in the Cloud" for free. Chapter 138 Thirty-fifth reply to the famous minister concubine concubine seal life analysis rumor father and son suspect guess The housekeeper was beaten to the ground. He stared at it for a long time before he recognized that it was Prince Bao. He hurriedly turned over and fell to his knees. "The little one has no eyes," he said with a kowtow.

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