Check out how you're moving dark

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  • Check out how you're moving dark

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    Check out how you're moving dark

    Really poor argument/comparison. If you put paint on the roller and it is slid off and you say to me "this roller is very bad because it's not doing what it's supposed to" I'd be "cope harder" to let you be able to see how foolish you are Dark And Darker Gold.

    Check out how you're moving the goalpost.

    Lmfao When you first mentioned "Utility" You grouped every utility spell and then said it's not worth it. When I mention the best utility spells in the game, which you must bring with you in every the dungeon, I switch to "well what do you think of the other utility spells?"

    You know you are wrong and you continue to get as high as you can to justify your garbage point.

    There are just 5 useful spells in the game. When you consider 3 of them are feasible (Ignite Haste, Ignite, Invisibility) this means that more than 50% of the utility spells are a possibility.

    Did you know? There are 6 harmful spells within the game. Missiles, Fireball, Chain Lightning are the most viable spells. It's 3 out of six.Why the circle in Dark And Darker

    There is no reason to have a circle. It's not rational. Set up portals, then more than the required hell portals. If you don't get the blue one, then you are forced to hell. Not dying to a circle that doesn't need to be taken away from your health. If they do leave the circle then take away the darkness mechanic that consumed them.

    I am enjoying the game, but it's as if they're trying to jam three kinds of games into one.
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