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Top Tangmen

The nine-tailed fox immediately turned into a sheet of loose sand! Blue and white have to admit. The main God is confident-Fang Chenqiu did not like other teams, pick their nine-tailed fox's new people to suppress, the new people as the weakness of the nine-tailed fox. Instead, he went straight to Chen Bin! I've never seen such a Fang Chenqiu. Therefore, Chen Bin and Lan Bai never knew that Fang Chenqiu had such a profound understanding of them. No, that's too tricky, isn't it? Unexpectedly, he has been studying you all the time! Lan Bai whispered to Chen Bin. I'm afraid I'm not the only one he's been studying. Chen Bin was also unexpectedly targeted by Fang Chenqiu and was caught off guard. Who else? "Ye Jiaoyang and Qin Qianlu are estimated to have not been spared, and I don't know how many small books have been written down." "Oh, they probably don't realize it yet." That's for sure. In the past, the conditions for killing gods made Fang Chen-qiu's research ineffective at all? No matter how hard we study it, we have no chance to apply it. Of course, we don't know that he is studying us. Lan Bai glanced at Chen Bin and said, "You are a disaster.". A sleeping lion was released in two or three sentences! Chen Bin also does not deny that his mouth is cheap: "The son once said, the disaster comes from the mouth..." On the barbecue stand of No.1 Golden League, when he told Fang Chenqiu that he could not stand without breaking, he really did not expect that after Fang Chenqiu was released, it would not take long to adapt, and he could immediately show such destructive power. The Lord God, indeed, is the Lord God! Silence for a long time, Fang Chenqiu is still the main God! It seems that the nature of this practice match has changed, and it is no longer just a training for the new nine-tailed foxes. —————————— A monthly ticket for the last three days! If you don't vote, it will be wasted,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and Guoguo will cry. Chapter 716 Lord God, air combat. Chen Bin and Lan Bai are not people with poor reaction on the spot. Fang Chenqiu's aim at the nine-tailed fox point was a little beyond their expectation, but it was just a bad start. In so many years of career, Chen Bin has saved a worse start than this. Give up targeting new people, but directly pick on the main God of the nine-tailed fox? It is estimated that there are also several teams with the main God in charge, which can play such a way of playing. Then, just a few jokes, Chen Bin has already had the action! Phantom Thousand Heavy! Just listen to a hum, kill God in the presence of five people all stunned at the same time, such a refined big move is not a bit too early? However, did not wait for them to think clearly, Chen Bin in the next second has been connected to connect the soul to one. See the air behind Fang Chenqiu, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, suddenly appeared a phantom, then, Chen Bin did not even have a jump action, has reached behind him. Chen Bin mouse slightly shaking, the air directly a cone heart arrow shot, Fang Chenqiu just turned back, forced to open a small Qinggong pulled up the height, only to avoid the cone heart arrow. Cone Heart Arrow is a vertigo skill. If you are hit by such a vertigo skill in the air, you will be shot down directly! Of course, even such a sudden attack from behind, Fang Chenqiu was not shot down, but his air position was harassed, but this did not affect him and Chen Bin's trembling. Lord God, air combat! Fang Chenqiu's air combat ability is really strong. Even if Chen Bin is in good condition and has the ability to fight with him in the air, he will not fight with him casually. And one or two skills of Phantom Thousand Heavy and Shadow Soul Return are thrown out. The direct effect is that the zero point reaches behind Fang Chenqiu in an instant, without the operation and action of lift-off. It also saves a lot of flying skills! Chen Bin's way of lift-off surprised the rest of the Deicide team. Although they have trained countless times for the skill of Phantom Thousand. However, I really didn't expect Chen Bin to use this skill to lift off. As long as Fang Chenqiu is in the air, he will be able to reach the same height and the same position immediately after his phantom is heavy.

And if you want to use Qinggong to climb, you will be obstructed, not to mention, the cost of Qinggong is still a lot! The players of the Deicide Team are all very experienced professional players. When Chen Bin was suppressed by Fang Chenqiu in the air. They had already predicted that Chen Bin might take off, and began to prepare the skills of interruption, but they had only taken two steps, and Chen Bin's lift-off had already been completed! "No way, you can only rely on yourself in the sky." Chen Xinyang operated the black and white belief in his hand and turned to Fang Chenqiu. It was not that he didn't want to help Fang Chenqiu, but that air combat was what he was least good at. He had no reason to give up his advantage and run to fight with Chen Bin. You take care of the blue and white. Fang Chenqiu did not say anything, but simply replied. The Deicide team is now adopting the simplest close man-to-man tactics, for a team that has not had much running-in time. This is also the most effective tactic. Fang Chenqiu personally against Chen Bin, Chen Xinyang cut off the rhythm between Chen Bin and Blue and White, constantly using skills and light effects to create a visual barrier. But another string startles falls, the quiet night cruises, they are pull the nine tail fox's other team members one by one. Chen Bin took a look at the battle situation. Obviously, under the circumstances. Forcibly starting any team battle tactics is futile, the strength of the other side is really strong. Even the average personal strength of these five people is already above the Red Nest. In the exhibition match of the Red Nest, the players of the Red Nest did not use their own accounts, and their equipment was very ordinary. However, Fang Chen-qiu is now using all of their professional accounts in practice matches, and their weapons, armor, and jewelry are all above the nine-tailed fox. Chen Bin and Lan Bai looked at each other and immediately changed the way they played: "Scatter on the spot!" Since the nine-tailed fox can not fight a team battle,Magnesium Oxide powder, it is better to simply open the fight, do not affect each other. Chen Bin is not worried. Because the individual strength of each member of the nine-tailed fox is also very strong! Now the nine-tailed fox is not a team that only relies on team execution, each of them has a very strong one-to-one ability.

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