Wolong gives birth to a double phoenix flag

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  • Wolong gives birth to a double phoenix flag

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    Wolong gives birth to a double phoenix flag

    Deng Yulong said, "This is the place where I argued with the Taoist Priest. Huang Shifeng's internal organs have been poisoned. Although he is not unconscious, it is difficult for him to be as sober as ordinary people. Therefore, in my opinion, the poison needle was definitely not made by Master Huang!" The Taoist Priest of Sanyang said, "I'd like to ask you how to explain the poisonous needles found on Master Huang." Deng Yulong said, "If Huang Shifeng really used the poison needle, I'm afraid the Taoist priest won't be able to find the syringe on him." Master Tzu Yun nodded and said, "That makes a lot of sense." "According to Daxia Deng," said the Taoist Priest of Sanyang, "was it planted by the poor Taoist?" Deng Yulong said: "Besides the Taoist Priest, there are Wudang disciples and Shaolin monks here, and even I am a suspect. In short, before the murderer of Lady Rong's death is found out, all the people present at the Pure Brightness of our minds are suspects!" "So," said the Sanyang Taoist, "Daxia Deng is suspicious of the poor Taoist?" "Don't ask for trouble, Taoist," said Deng Yulong. "I didn't say anything about Taoist." The Taoist Priest of Sanyang said, "Is there anyone in Daxia Deng's mind who is suspicious?" "Yes," said Deng Yulong. "Who is he?" Asked the Taoist Priest Sanyang. Deng Yulong said, "Zaixia, Rong Jun and the Taoist Priest, the three of us are the most suspected." The Taoist Priest of Sanyang gave a sneer and said,5 person hot tub, "Master Deng, please say the poor way first. Why is it the most serious?" "Because the Taoist found a syringe," said Deng Yulong, "but it was impossible for that man to use a poisonous needle." "So," said the Sanyang Taoist Priest, "is the poor Taoist suspected of being serious?" Deng Yulong said, "I have said that before the truth is known, I am as involved in serious suspicion as Rong Jun. The Taoist Priest doesn't have to stop him." With a slight pause in his voice,whirlpool bathtub, he said, "The Taoist found a syringe on Huang Shifeng. He's sure that Huang Shifeng is the murderer. It's too arbitrary." The Taoist Priest of Sanyang said coldly, "But there is only one syringe in the audience. How can Daxia Deng explain that?" Deng Yulong said slowly, "How did the Taoist know there was only one?" The Taoist Priest of Sanyang was stunned for a moment and said, "I've already searched a lot of people." "But there are still many people who haven't been searched," said Deng Yulong. After a pause, he said, "I'm just here with the Taoist.". "Poor Taoist and Daxia Deng?" Sanyang Taoist asked. "Yes," said Deng Yulong. "The Taoist Priest will search me first, and then I will search him." The Taoist Priest of Sanyang looked at Deng Yulong with cold eyes and said, "It seems that Daxia Deng is trying to make trouble with us in Wudang." "The Taoist's words are too serious," said Deng Yulong. There is a heated argument between me and the Taoist Priest. We should start with us. The Taoist Priest will search me first, and then search the Taoist. Why not? The eyes of Sanyang Taoist turned, and it could be seen that the eyes of all the people in the field were focused on themselves. Obviously, in the midst of this controversy. Deng Yulong has gained the upper hand. The Taoist Priest of Sanyang suddenly raised his head to the sky and said, "Deng Yulong, what if the poor Taoist doesn't let you search?" "As a Taoist priest in the martial arts world, jacuzzi suppliers ,endless swim pool," said Deng Yulong, "I don't want to be covered with dirt and fall into the hands of others." With a long laugh, Sanyang Dao raised his hand and said, "Let's go!" Striding forward. Four disciples of Wudang, wearing long swords, chased after the Taoist of Sanyang. Master Ciyun said in a loud voice, "Brother Dao, stop!" "There's no need to stay here for a long time," said the Taoist Priest of Sanyang. "It's time to say goodbye." Brother Yung, who had been sitting quietly, suddenly rose to his feet. Two leaps stopped him in front of the Taoist Priest Sanyang. "Taoist Priest," he said. Sanyang Taoist said coldly, "What are you doing?" Brother Yung said, "The Taoist Priest has gone away in a huff. Aren't you afraid that fellow Taoists in Wulin will be suspicious of the Taoist Priest?" The Taoist Priest of Sanyang said, "If I stay any longer, I'm afraid I can't bear the anger in my chest and I'll have a conflict with Daxia Deng." Brother Yung said, "But when the Taoist priest left like this, he gave Daxia Deng a better excuse.".

    ” "What's the excuse?" Asked the Sanyang Taoist. Brother Yung said, "In front of all the heroes in the world, Daxia Deng said that the Taoist Priest was wrong, but the Taoist Priest couldn't argue. Wouldn't that give Daxia Deng a chance?" Master Tzu Yun walked slowly over and said, "Almsgiver Rong is right. If Brother Dao leaves, won't it arouse more suspicion?" The Sanyang Taoist suddenly burst out laughing and said, "What the Master said is right. However, I don't want to fight with others, so I can't help the overall situation. I'd better go. Fortunately, the situation has been clarified now, and it's enough for the Master to handle it alone." Master Tzu Yun was not good at words. He couldn't think of an appropriate answer for a moment. He just shook his head repeatedly and said, "Isn't that right?" The Taoist Priest of Sanyang smiled and said, "Master, after dealing with the matter here, please go to Wudang Mountain to stay and wait for the guests." Instead of waiting for Master Ciyun to reply, he strode forward. Brother Yung was so worried that he blocked the way of the Taoist Priest Sanyang. "The Taoist Priest must go," he said. "That would be a guilty conscience." This remark was very serious. The Taoist Priest Sanyang's face changed and he said, "Take it down." A Wudang disciple behind him answered, raised his right hand, and quickly buckled the wrist pulse of Brother Rong. Brother Yung dodged and said, "Taoist.." The Taoist priest didn't allow the elder brother to talk too much. He deceived himself and waved his hands and attacked again and again. Brother Rong had no choice but to wave his hands to meet the attack, and the two sides launched a fierce fight. The Taoist Priest attacked dozens of palms, all of which were opened by Brother Rong. Unconsciously, he was so angry that he took two steps back and drew out his sword with a whoosh. Deng Yulong jumped out and said coldly, "Get out of the way!" Cross the body to stop in front of Rong Ge'er. The Taoist priest was probably shocked by Deng Yulong's prestige, and did not dare to make a move easily, so he stood in place with a horizontal sword. Sanyang Taoist Leng Su said to him, "Does Daxia Deng want to test the martial arts of the poor Taoist?" Deng Yulong said slowly, "I have no intention of fighting with the Taoist.." "Then get out of the way," said the Sanyang Taoist. Deng Yulong said slowly, "If the Taoist feels that he has to do it, I'll have to accompany him." "That's very good," said the Sanyang Taoist. With a whoosh, he drew out his long sword and said, "Master Deng,best whirlpool tub, show me your weapon!" When Deng Yulong saw that the situation had reached a point where he had to fight, he had no choice but to look back at Brother Rong and say, "Lend me your sword!" Brother Yung pulled out his sword and offered it with both hands. monalisa.com

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