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    China PLC factory

    China PLC factory Features of touch screen PLC integrated machine: (1) Logic control, analog input and output and touch screen display are integrated. (2) Switching value input: 24 points at most, optocoupler isolation. (3) Switch output: up to 20 points can be selected, and transistor/relay/transistor relay mixed output can be selected. (4) High speed counting: two 100KAB phase high speed counting, two 10KAB phase high speed counting, two 10KAB phase high speed counting can be expanded, and up to three AB phase high speed counting. (5) High speed pulse: conventional dual 100K high speed pulse and up to four 100K high speed pulse all adopt pluggable terminals to facilitate customer installation and maintenance. (6) It can support MODBU communication protocol, including master-slave mode. Multiple all-in-one computers can be networked and used flexibly. It can be customized according to customer requirements. Application field of touch screen PLC integrated machine: The application fields of PLC integrated machine include textile machinery, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, rubber machinery, heavy industry machinery, testing equipment, power industry, HVAC, environmental protection industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, aerospace industry, coal industry, water treatment, metallurgy industry, cable equipment, rail transit and dozens of other industries. 1. All our products are new and original, and good quality. 2. Our prices are very competitive. 3. We have large quantity in stock, so we could help the customers to get the components which are difficult to get. 4. All inquiries will be valued and will replied in 24 hours. 5. Fast shipping, and good after-sale service. 6. We will ship the items within 1-3 working days after the payment is received. 7. High quality control, all the goods will be tested one by one before shipment. 8. Good package to protect the products. 9. Experienced technical support team. If you need more details, please send message to us, we will feedback to you ASAP. About Payment: 1. You can order products on this link 2. Or you can contact customer service, to get a more favorable price. About the Freight: 1. Please provide your account number, if you choose Recipient payment. 2. If you choose to contact customer service to order, then you need to pay in advance to pay the freight. About Clearance: we are not responsible for any extra charge from clearance, and we will provide the shipping documents which have marked "Sample" to you, in order to improve the clearance rate of goods. If you can not accept this way, please inform us in advance. About Shipping: 1. We ship this item within 1-5 working days after receive the money; 2. Under normal circumstances, we will choose FEDEX or UPS orDHL, they can ship this items to all countries. But if you are in exclude locations, please contact us for calculating the shipping cost. If you need to specify a shipping company, please contact us. 3. After the goods arrived the port, please confirm the delivery time with the local logistics, and pay attention to your mobile phone, to avoid missing the receipt. We are not responsible for the delay in receipt of your personal reasons. About Return: 1. If you buy a new product, we do not accept returns, so before buying please comfirm the types you need. (18 months warranty). 2. If you are buying refurbished products, when encountered technical problems, please feedback to us in 30 days, so that we can provide the better service for you. 3. If you are buying refurbished products, you can take a variety of reasons to return the goods, without prejudice to the second sale, we accept the return, but you should bear all theexpenses (including taxes聽 and fees) arising therefrom.China PLC factory website:

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