Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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  • Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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    Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

    "Ah Li, don't be angry with your grandmother. She misses you so much that she's so excited that she loses her sense of propriety." Chu Miaoli, who had not seen her grandfather for a long time, was in tears and bent her eyes before she was about to say something when she was interrupted by the old man's words. He said, "How long can you stay with Changyi this time?"? It's the same as last time. Will we leave after two times? "Huh?" Chu Miaoli blinked her eyes twice, and the expression on her face was somewhat unresponsive. Xuanyuan Changyi also frowned thoughtfully. The old man Chu, who did not notice their expressions at all, took his granddaughter's "ah" as an echo. With a deep sigh, he said dejectedly, "I don't know how long it will be before our family can be reunited and never be separated again." At this point he shook his head again. Forget it. It's a blessing that we can live with all our hair and tails now. We shouldn't ask for anything else. Among all the elders, Chu Miaoli and the old man Chu have the best feelings, and their tacit understanding can only be described as wonderful to the top! Nowadays After such a long absence, Chu Miaoli found for the first time that he could not understand what his grandfather had said to him. She was surrounded by the elders and went into the Chu House with her husband and the vice king of Rattan Luo. Then he watched them mysteriously hold out a translucent ball of light rippling with colorful rainbow, which was the first time he had seen it, but he felt very kind for no reason. Li, I don't know why you and Changyi are so careful. If we still split up as before,12v High Torque Motor, maybe we will accumulate much more fragments of our souls than we do now. As he reproached, the old man of Chu gave the translucent ball of light to Xuanyuan Changyi, who was standing next to him. Chang Yi, it's a long night and many dreams. You can absorb them now. Xuanyuan Changyi, who had the same brain, took a deep breath and took the translucent ball of light. After he touched the ball of light, the fragments of the soul in the ball of light seemed to be attracted by something,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, one after another, like moths to the fire, rushed into his soul and merged with his soul. Old man Chu and others looked at the scene with a very gratified look. Fortunately, you came to collect it in time, otherwise it would be a great psychological pressure for us to keep these fragments of soul! I'm afraid I don't know when I'll be the bad guy. No, the bad gods stole it! If that's the case, how can we explain to you and Li? Xuanyuan Changyi and Chu Miaoli are both wise men. After listening to what the old man Chu said, they soon grasped a surprising message inadvertently revealed in his words! After the two of them were separated from the elders in the family by accident, someone took their place and pretended to be them, coaxing the elders to continue collecting the fragments of Xuanyuan Changyi's soul! "Chang Yi!"! Who on earth has the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard and dares to plot against us? Chu Miaoli said to Xuanyuan Changyi in her heart, her voice slightly trembling and ferocious, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Micro Gear Motor, apparently the unknown existence had greatly angered her. Xuanyuan Changyi also felt very incredible, "that's exactly what I want to know!" He comforted his wife in his heart, let her calm down a little, while quietly talking to the old man Chu. Chu old man's brain is very shrewd, but he is not old and confused enough to apply this shrewdness to his grandchildren. Therefore, between him and Xuanyuan Changyi, he almost answered whatever Xuanyuan Changyi asked. In the two people's questions and answers, Xuanyuan Changyi quickly figured out what had happened to the old man Chu and others during their absence. It turned out that they had not guessed wrong. After they were separated from the old man Chu and others in the turbulence of time and space, a Chu Miaoli and a Xuanyuan Changyi did appear to stabilize their nervous hearts, gather them together, and throw them into the big and small worlds to find the fragments of Xuanyuan Changyi's soul.

    Xuanyuan Changyi and Chu Miaoli, after listening silently to the words of the old man Chu, could not help but feel a little puzzled in their hearts. Changyi, I don't know if it's my illusion, I always feel. I think these two people who replace us are good. As if he meant no harm to us?! When Chu Miaoli said this, his tone was full of confusion. She had always been confident in her sixth sense, but now, for the first time, she had some doubts. Not only do you think so, but so do I. Xuanyuan Changyi said in an approving tone, "Although I don't know who the two people who replaced us are, they undoubtedly helped us a lot!" "Yes," Chu Miaoli nodded deeply, "fortunately, the two men suddenly came out of the corner and pretended to be us to temporarily stabilize Grandpa's mood. If not, with Grandpa's care and attention to me. Whether I can see them now is unknown. With this alone, even if the two strangers were hostile to them, Chu Miaoli was willing to let each other live. Because in a sense, thanks to them, her family was able to be complete after such a desperate and horrible change. When Chu Miaoli and Xuanyuan Changyi were talking with their heart sounds, the old man Chu seemed to be aware of something. He suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked up and down at Chu Miaoli. He stumbled and said something very strange, as if with a pun: "Ah Li, you.." You are Grandpa's Li, and you are Grandpa's little girl, aren't you? Chu Miaoli's heart trembled involuntarily. She moved her lips slightly, and with shame on her face, in the hopeful eyes of the old man Chu, she replied in a hoarse voice with the same pun: "Grandpa,micro gear motor, just as you think in your heart now, I am indeed your Ah Li, your little girl!" Old man Chu's tears came down on the spot. ichgearmotor.com

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