Weibo big V's daily life in the entertainment circle (rebirth of sweet pet and double first love)

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  • Weibo big V's daily life in the entertainment circle (rebirth of sweet pet and double first love)

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    Weibo big V's daily life in the entertainment circle (rebirth of sweet pet and double first love)

    "It is the result of our joint efforts." Jiang Yu laughed back. In addition to being an actress, she was also the general director of costume modeling. Jiang Yu went to the dressing room and turned around. When she saw Zhou Zhou wearing a blue striped suit for the second man, she looked around and said: "Zhou Zhou, the shirt inside this dress doesn't match well, and the cufflinks need to be changed." When Zhou Zhou heard this, he nodded and said, "I feel a little strange, too. I'm going to find a spare one." In fact, the clothes are not strange, but the figure of the second man is not suitable for wearing this kind of white shirt with narrow collar. But Jiang Yu didn't say it directly. Just then, Durex's little companion yuan Wei also came over. yuan Wei is now popular little fresh meat appearance, his skin is white, temperament is clean, it is very good, but for the aesthetic of Jiangyu, yuan Wei's temperament is a little bit Niang, but now the little girls call this soft. Taro balls! yuan Wei is also called like Durex. Jiang Yu had a good impression of yuan Wei. She greeted him with a smile: "yuan Wei, handsome again?" yuan Wei, a beautiful man, snorted: "You are so beautiful. If my male best friend in the play doesn't pay attention to dressing up, she will be killed by you every minute." "You!"! I was corrupted by Lao Du! yuan Wei smiled and was about to speak when suddenly he couldn't help shivering. He could not help touching his arm, strange, obviously Gu Shenliu is resting with his eyes closed, why does he have a cool feeling behind his back? It seems that this place is not suitable for a long stay! Thinking of this, yuan Wei quickly slipped aside to play with the others. But Jiang Yu asked inexplicably, "What is yuan Wei running for?"? A ghost is chasing him? Gu Shenliu snorted coldly, turned over, and continued to rest with his eyes closed. This yuan Wei, he is sensible! "Elder Martial Brother." Jiang Yu suddenly thought, "That.." Should I thank your family? After all, they are very serious about canvassing for me! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have won the first place. She pushed Gu Shenliu. Gu Shenliu woke up. He hadn't slept all night. Now he was close to Jiangyu and slept for a while. Hearing this, Gu Shenliu's voice was low and hoarse. "Don't thank them," he said. "Why?" "Because they lost to me in mahjong and were forced to forward those comments!" “……” Jiang Yu is speechless, so, Gu Shenliu how big is he? "Jiangyu." When I was free in the afternoon, inflatable bounce house with slide , Jiahang sent a video. Jiang Yu picked it up and smiled. "How are the sales recently?" As you might expect, it's sold out every day! Jiang Yu, I think now customers already know that Jado is an Italian brand, so can we consider doing Tmall Mall now? Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Actually, that's what I want!"! This period of time, many Internet celebrities, models, stars carry this brand, Jado's brand culture has also been fired very hot, it can be said that customers are still more recognized, since the lineage has been positive, it is imperative to register Tmall. I will ask someone to register Tmall these days, and then you will hand over the relevant documents. If there is no accident, Jado's Tmall will be able to operate normally next year! "I hear you have a big sales volume on Tmall?" "Yes!" Jiang Yu eyebrows and eyes with confidence, hook lips smile: "Not surprisingly, we will join hands to create the second sales myth!" " Not yet Rong Jiahang excited, only listen to Jiangyu and way: "But for now, Jado still lacks a feature that people can remember at a glance." "Features?" Jiahang is somewhat puzzled: "Jado's original classic bags have been selling well for many years. Under your modification, we will adjust the details of the classic bags in an all-round way next year. I think the adjusted Jado will combine the classic and fashion. Your new style also makes Jado's styles more. Almost all of these styles are best-selling, especially the mother-and-son bags." Now it's all over the Internet. Just yesterday, we sold 300.

    ” "Not enough!" Jiang Yu raised his lips and smiled: "Such a grand occasion can not meet my requirements!" " "So what do you mean." "LV's presbyopia and tricolor, Fendi's little devil, Celine's smiling face bag, the characteristics of design can not be met, I do not ask Jado to be as popular as these brands around the world, but to design a very distinctive series, so that people will think of Jado when they see it." With that, Jiang Yu picked up a design and showed it to Jia Hang: "This is my design." Looked at this design, Jiahang was stunned and immediately exclaimed: "Good personality design!" " "Yes!"! I want to make this series the main series of Jado! In the meantime, I want you to announce.. "What?" Jia Xing listened to her command very carefully. Jiang Yu said firmly with his eyes: "I want you to announce that Jado brand likes Jiangyu's design style and dressing style very much, so Jado will cooperate with Jiangyu to jointly create a new product line." "Eh?" Jiahang is in the circle! Clearly Jiangyu is one of Jado's bosses, is his partner, before concealing his identity, but now let him say that Jado wants to cooperate with Jiangyu? Is there any reason for a brand to announce its cooperation with its boss? What are you doing? In case Jiang Yu sold a pass, only way: "You just do as I say!" " Jia Xing thought about it and could only sigh and shake his head. He thought he was smart, but his head was not enough in front of Jiang Yu. Every time, Jiang Yu would think in front of him. What's more, Jiangyu is not only smart, but also talented and beautiful. Jia Xing sighed and teased, "All right!"! I'll announce it right away! Are all your Chinese women so smart? "Yes,Inflatable indoor park, our Chinese women are all smart and capable. Why, do you want to find a girlfriend in China?" No, no! I can't stand it. I heard that there is a species called mother-in-law in China. Jia Hang asked very seriously. Jiang Yu was amused by him.

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