Go on a blind date, Dad.

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  • Go on a blind date, Dad.

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    Go on a blind date, Dad.

    "Is there any evidence?" He Rong asked slowly? Yang Xiaoguang is the leader of the alliance. Our government and the alliance are allies now, but we can't affect our relationship with the alliance because of one side of the story. Major, come and see. That's Yang Xiaoguang's pet rat. What kind of evidence is that? He Rong paused, glanced at Hu Die, and said, "Our Major Hu Die and Yang Xiaoguang are good friends. You slander Yang Xiaoguang wantonly. Aren't you afraid that Major Hu Die will punish you?" Hu Die did not speak. "All right, Major He Rong," said Gongsun Waner lightly, "don't fan the flames either. However, we really can't conclude that Yang Xiaoguang killed people just because Yang Xiaoguang's pet is here. Go and find Yang Xiaoguang first and ask him what's going on. Soon soldiers found Yang Xiaoguang, who was still unconscious, in the tent. Yang Xiaoguang was the only living person found nearby. At this moment, Yang Xiaoguang has mastered the law of thunder and lightning, so the thunder and lightning that has been lingering on his body has converged in his body. He looks like a sleeping man now. Is this pretending to sleep? Someone said. He Rong's expression was calm: "Are you pretending to sleep?"? Take a shot and you'll see. With that, he took out his pistol, opened the safety bolt, and aimed it at Yang Xiaoguang. Stop it! At this time,30ml dropper bottle, Hu Die suddenly said. Because Hu Die knows how much weight she has, so in general, she is silent, and all opinions are based on He Rong and Gongsun Waner. But this time, she had to talk. Because she knew that he Rong most likely wanted to take this opportunity to shoot Yang Xiaoguang. He Rong looked at Gongsun Waner. Gongsun Waner first called Yang Xiaoguang a few times, but naturally there was no response. She stood up and said lightly, "Yang Xiaoguang,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, if you are awake, you'd better wake up now.". Otherwise, your pet rat will die. But Yang Xiaoguang still did not respond. Colonel Gongsun, I think we should give him a shot to know whether it's a real coma or a fake coma. He Rong said lightly. All right, he's probably really in a coma. Gongsun Waner said lightly, "As far as I know, this little hamster named Qiuqiu is Yang Xiaoguang's favorite pet.". If he doesn't even care about the life and death of Qiuqiu, it only means that he is really in a coma. Get out of the way and let me see. With that, Gongsun Waner squatted down beside Yang Xiaoguang. She felt Yang Xiaoguang's pulse and frowned slightly: "The pulse condition is steady. Why are you unconscious all the time?" In my opinion, he is just pretending to be asleep. He killed one of our men, and he knew he couldn't get away with it, so he pretended to be unconscious and tried to get away with it. Said a Kirin soldier. He is obviously He Rong's man. Although Gongsun Waner did not think that Yang Xiaoguang had killed him, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Glass Cream Jars, there was no doubt that he was the most suspected. Put the handcuffs on Yang Xiaoguang. Major Hu Die, you take custody in person. If you let the prisoner escape, that's your responsibility. Gongsun Waner said lightly. Yes Hu Die immediately said. With a wave of her hand, Gongsun Waner added, "All right, let everyone else leave.". Let's go and see what kind of monster is the skin over there? With that, Gongsun Waner took the lead in walking towards the remains of the one-horned thunder beast. Major Heron, what do we do? Why don't you kill the kid by force now while he's unconscious? Someone whispered. Don't be so brainless. It's easy to kill him, but how do we get out of it? Would you like to go back and send you to the military trial court? "This" "All right, there are plenty of chances to kill him, so don't be in a hurry.". Let's go and have a look, too. The monster's skin seems to be very precious. With that, he Rong also walked toward the remains of the one-horned thunder beast. There are only Yang Xiaoguang and Hu Die in the tent, oh, and Qiuqiu. Seeing that the ball was black and blue, Hu Die quickly took out a medicine bottle from her bosom, which contained the fairy water that Yang Xiaoguang had given her. She brought Qiuqiu over and smeared fairy water on Qiuqiu's wound. The injury of the ball is indeed very serious, and Yang Xiaoguang because the realm of cultivation is still relatively low, the treatment effect of the fairy water has not been maximized, the injury on the ball did not recover in a short time. Qiuqiu seemed very sleepy and soon fell asleep in Hu Die's arms. Hu Die put the ball in place, and then covered Yang Xiaoguang with a quilt. She sat beside Yang Xiaoguang's floor and looked at Yang Xiaoguang quietly. Speaking of it, I haven't thought of my late husband yuan Yong for a long time.

    Will he blame me for being unfeeling in his grave? Hu Die hunched his legs and sat with his hands around his legs, still looking at Yang Xiaoguang, not knowing what he was thinking. Moments later, Hu Die's temperament suddenly changed. Obviously, Luo Qianxue woke up. She first looked at her lower body and rubbed her head with one hand: "Hu Die, that woman is really in love recently.". Wake me up so often that I'm afraid I'll be scared out of my wits if I don't get the Green Destiny Fruit. But you can't blame her. Whenever she has a physical need, she will be awakened, and the matter will naturally turn yellow. As a result, she always had a desire but could not vent it. I have to take half of the responsibility for this. Even so, Luo Qianxue did not intend to help Hu Die vent his desire. Because when you dominate this body, it is equivalent to your own body. Luo Qianxue then tidied up his emotions and his eyes fell on the unconscious Yang Xiaoguang. Chapter 439 Luo Qianxue with amazing strength. "Yang Chenguang, Yang Xiaoguang, I really don't like the man with the name'light 'at all." Because the family was the queen of crape myrtle and her husband Yang Chenguang's rumors and was exterminated, Luo Qianxue not only hated the cloud family and cloud crape myrtle, but also hated the husband who had died for ten thousand years. Luo Qianxue felt a little irritable and then left the tent. —— The one-horned thunder-beast. Gongsun Waner was looking at the remains of the one-horned thunder beast when suddenly someone said, "Colonel Gongsun, I'm not questioning you.". We just don't understand why you would want a woman with three layers of condensation to be a major. Although according to the rules of the Kirin Legion, you have this authority, but the brothers below are not convinced. This man,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Fei Qing, is a confidant of He Rong. Gongsun Waner took one look at Fei Qing and said lightly, "Do you think you can beat her?" 。 penghuangbottle.com

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