Madden 24 cover was revealed in a way to pay

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  • Madden 24 cover was revealed in a way to pay

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    Madden 24 cover was revealed in a way to pay

    Madden 24 , the cover designer, explains the process by which John Madden covers were made

    It was not a surprise that it was revealed that the Madden 24 cover was revealed in a way to pay memorial to John Madden following his passing in the last quarter of last year. The Madden 24 artist behind the cover has revealed the way in which the three distinctive John Madden covers came together.

    Madden 24 , the cover star, talks about the John Madden tribute covers

    When the news broke about the Madden 24 cover athlete would be the name of the entire gaming brand, there was a general consensus for the decision. EA revealed three distinct Madden 24 covers earlier this month, each representing different phases of John Madden's long career, however, we've now learned more about the process behind making them.

    Artist from Philadelphia Chuck Styles, a staple of sports art , who also collaborated on Topps' Project70. recently talked to Philly Voice about how these covers were created. After being initially approached with the idea by EA, Styles had to sign an NDA before being informed about the reason they wanted to work with the artist.

    When he was told outright that they wanted him to be on cover for the Madden 24 cover, Styles stated that he "needed something like a 20-minute break to think about it before he replied" due to how blown by the chance.

    Styles had already planned to create an ode in honor of John Madden, but this occasion allowed Styles to create an even more lasting impression as Styles teamed up with the long-time EA partner design agency Cinco who has previously worked on branding previously for EA games.
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