Dressed as the best actor's ex-girlfriend [wearing a book]

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  • Dressed as the best actor's ex-girlfriend [wearing a book]

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    Dressed as the best actor's ex-girlfriend [wearing a book]

    In fact, before Ran Ruibo appeared, Jiang Xue also considered whether the record was true or not, but before the suspicion was formed, Ran Ruibo, who secretly followed her, suddenly appeared, and she was about to start with a word of disagreement, which made her heart completely cool. Not only did he take the lead in making it unreasonable, but also because she could not understand why Ran Ruibo was so angry for no reason if the transfer record was not true. Ten thousand steps back. Jiang Xue couldn't help thinking of Ran Xia's question. Why did Ran Ruibo so strongly prevent her from meeting Ran Xia? Why did he ignore her wishes and even come with her secretly? And the scene of him sitting on the ground just now, which made her incredible. Is this really the boyfriend who has been with her for years? The questions came one after another, but she couldn't figure out any of them. Jiang Xue couldn't help thinking again. Ran Xia did not step into the house for three years, is there any special reason? After all, she and Ran Ruibo have come to the part of marriage, not once or twice to the Ran family, but every time his family mentioned Ran Xia, no one said that Ran Xia is good. Forcing people who are related by blood and closest to each other not to go home.. Does she really know Ran Ruibo. Facing her eyes,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Ran Ruibo was flustered: "Lesser Snow, why do you look at me with such eyes?"? Let me explain to you. "Explain?"? Okay, I'll give you a chance to explain! Now tell me immediately whether the transfer record Ran Xia showed me is true or false, and whether there is a car loan that you told me has not been paid off or not! Ran Ruibo hesitated and could not say a complete sentence. Listening to the two of them talking here, Ran Xia knew that Jiang Xue also had the answer in his heart. By this time, there were already diners standing up in the distance, holding their mobile phones and planning to come over to continue shooting. She and Fu Langyan were not convenient to stay here for a long time,Self-closing Faucet, so they said to Jiang Xue: "I have already paid for this meal. After you finish eating, you can contact me on WeChat. If you want to leave, I will book a ticket for you at any time. If you want to stay for a few days, I will ask Ah Jin to help you arrange accommodation." Hearing this, Jiang Xue's cheeks were feverish. When she came, she felt that Ran Xia had taken her round-trip expenses for granted, but now she only felt ashamed. No, I'll go back by myself. Ran Xia still had a good impression on her, a cabbage who was in the same boat. She smiled and said, "It's the first time we met. Give me a chance to make friends." The tone of this sentence was so peaceful that it did not care at all about her coming to ask for punishment, which made Jiang Xue feel even more embarrassed. But Ran Xia did not leave any more time to delay: "So decided, remember to contact me after dinner." He nodded to her and clasped Fu Langyan's wrist with his backhand, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, intending to go the other way with him. But as soon as she turned around, she heard Jiang Xue's voice: "Ran Xia, wait!" Ran Xia looked back at her. "What's the matter?" Jiang Xue pursed her lips tightly, holding the hand of the bag belt until the joints turned white. She bowed slightly: "I am sorry, I have been misunderstood you, but also said so many words to hurt you." In fact, the harm is not very big. Ran Xia bent his lips and smiled. "Don't blame those who don't know." Her smile let Jiang Xue finally unload the burden, and said: "Also, you are really beautiful, I have seen, the most beautiful person." Ran Xia winked at her: "You are also very beautiful.". Goodbye Then he waved goodbye to Jiang Xue and pulled Fu Langyan to slip away quickly. It was the time for dinner. There were quite a few diners in the lobby of the restaurant, but the restaurant staff knew that there was a crew coming to dinner today, so they were also paying attention to the movement in the restaurant. There were so many people here holding up their mobile phones to take pictures. They guessed that there must be a star who was recognized. At this time, they arrived in a hurry. They took Ran Xia and Fu Langyan through the staff channel. When he went upstairs, Ran Xia kept holding Fu Langyan's wrist and forgot to loosen it. When she came just now, she was worried that there would be any sudden time to go with Fu Langyan, and she could also react at any time. After all, she is just a small transparent, was photographed also photographed, but Fu Langyan such a big wrist, was photographed a carelessly on the hot search. That's no laughing matter.

    Ran Ruibo shouted and touched the porcelain, and when the video was posted on the Internet, some people would believe it. Wait. Put it on the Internet! When Ran Xia remembered this, he quickly put his hand in his pocket and tried to pull out his cell phone. Only then did she realize. Help! She has a Fu Langyan on her hand! Ran Xia's footsteps stopped, his expression stiffened, his paws loosened, and he laughed: "Well, I didn't find it just now. I'm sorry, Teacher Fu.." Fu Langyan withdrew his hand with an indifferent expression and did not care: "It doesn't matter." Ran Xia scratched his ears with his free hand, then took out his cell phone from his pocket again and dialed Gao Wang. When Gao Wang picked up the phone, he was still calm: "Ran Xia?"? Why did you suddenly remember to call me? "At this point, his eyelids jumped." Did you make a mess for me again? " Listen, is this still human language? Ran Xia changed his hand to hold his cell phone. "Strictly speaking, I didn't make a mess for you." Gao Wang: "… …" When he asked, he didn't think there was a real mess. Ran Xia peeked at Fu Langyan and then said, "Although this basket has something to do with me, I'm mainly worried about Teacher Fu." There is only one teacher Fu in her mouth. Fu Langyan? Gaowang's heartbeat jumped repeatedly on the edge of despair. "Don't tell me that you have an affair with him again!" Ran Xia's tone was firm: "That's not true." High hopes return to calmness. In his opinion, as long as he is not involved with Ran Xia, Fu Langyan basically does not need anyone to worry about. It's more like Fu Langyan going to worry about the company. But then he heard Ran Xia's voice continue to ring. He accidentally knocked someone down just to fight. Gao Wang almost lost his voice. He was stunned for a long time before he blurted out,stainless steel shower tray, "What did you say?" Ran Xia added: "After knocking the man down, he was recognized." Gao Wang managed to remain rational: "This is no problem, I will let the public relations-". cnkexin.com

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