Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

    The two brothers missed Han Mou. I've been trapped in a rift in space, unable to escape. He just came out of it. This is not after taking off. I came back right away. Han Li pursed his lips. Can only show a face of helplessness. Anyway. It's enough for Younger Martial Brother Han to come back alive. Speaking of. I haven't thanked the Younger Martial Brother for his rescue. Had it not been for the rescue of the Younger Martial Brother in the valley. The old man has already turned into a pile of bones. The old man rose from his chair. Said after giving a gift to Han Lishen. It's nothing. After joining Luoyunzong. Elder Martial Brother Cheng always takes good care of me. I have always remembered the experience in my heart. I saw Elder Martial Brother Cheng in distress. How could he not come to the rescue? Han Li smiled. Said with equal sincerity. The little things. How can it be compared with the grace of saving life. Younger Martial Brother, I'm afraid you are still worried about Nangong Taoist. Don't worry, Younger Martial Brother. Sister Nangong is still safe and sound in the ice. The old man obviously knew what Han Li was most concerned about. Disclose the news to Han Li first. Han Li naturally breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, Lv Luo suddenly looked at Han Li carefully. There was a look of disbelief on his face. Younger Martial Brother. You have advanced to the middle stage of yuan Ying. When did this happen. This is incredible! Could it be that Younger Martial Brother is in the Valley of Falling Demons. What adventures did you have? Chapter 859 feed Dan. Hearing Lv Luo's words, Elder Martial Brother Cheng was taken aback and hurriedly scanned it with divine knowledge. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) As a result, it was found that Han Li's Qi movement was restrained, and the inner cover of the fluorescent light was clearly what it looked like in the middle stage of the advanced yuan Ying. I can't help but be stunned there. I knew that the two brothers had sharp eyes, and they could see it very soon. Younger Martial Brother did have a chance in the Valley of Falling Demons, and then advanced after a period of penance. So soon to be able to advance to the middle stage of yuan Ying,321 stainless steel sheet, but even I did not think of things. However, if I hadn't known that Waner had two brothers to take care of her, nothing would have happened. I have been trapped for so many years, and I have been very anxious. There is no mind to calm down and practice. Thanks to the two brothers. With a sigh,x70 line pipe, Han Li folded his fists at the two of them and said his thanks. Where did the Younger Martial Brother say! Now that sister Nangong has recognized me as her eldest brother, isn't it a matter of course to take care of her. Besides, the so-called nursing, in fact, I did not help the elder brother in any useful way, or only let the younger brother and sister trapped in the ice. I'm so ashamed! Elder Martial Brother Cheng finally came to his senses from the shock of Han Li's advancement. Hearing Han Li's words, he said humbly. Younger Martial Brother advanced to the middle stage of yuan Ying with less than three hundred years of longevity. I'm afraid it shocked the whole Tiannan. It seems that in the later period of yuan Ying, needless to say, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s32760 plate, it is also possible for the younger martial brother to advance to the stage of deification! Lv Luo also could not help but say, the words are full of envy. Degree, in the history of Tiannan's Xiuxian world, I'm afraid there are really only a few people comparable. Such a speed of practice has little to do with personal aptitude. Most of it depends on personal luck, which is not forced. Han Li naturally said a few words modestly, then deliberately changed the topic and asked about what happened in the Valley of Falling Magic after his disappearance. The news from the people who witnessed the war in person is naturally much truer than that of others. When the old man heard Han Li's question, he couldn't help smiling bitterly. It turned out that after Han Li was swallowed up by the space crack that day, the other ancient demon was furious, and when the old man felt that his life was in danger, the other monks just arrived. Even if the monks who went there first joined hands with Wei Wuya again. Still unable to turn into another ancient demon with two heads and four arms, it was soon in danger. At the critical moment, the Mulan people finally arrived. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) As a result, the two sides joined hands and finally trapped the demon. After a battle, with the help of the holy bird of Mulan summoned by the woman surnamed Le, Mulan finally seriously injured the demon, and even Mulan's Zhong Shenshi cut off one of his heads. In the end, he was escaped by the ancient demon. In this battle, many yuan Ying monks fell, even the elder martial sister of Nangong Wan. Also in the final struggle of the ancient demon madness, he was directly hit by the group of demon flames, and even yuan Ying was turned into ashes.

    The shape is slightly better, but the body is also destroyed, only yuan Ying escaped by luck. The most unfortunate is the monk of the Ghost Gate. The elder surnamed Zhong was directly pulled out by the ancient demon and yuan Ying was devoured. The entire Ghost Gate enters the Valley Friar. Except for a few Jiedan monks. The High Friar enters and is wiped out. I can't say I'm not surprised. The rest of what happens. Then it is almost the same as what Huang yuanming told him. It was thought that this demon would be as recorded. Can't exist for long from the human world. These people did not venture out of the valley to hunt down and kill. But what I didn't expect was. I don't know what method this demon used. There is no sense of returning to the other world. Instead, he went on a killing spree in Tiannan. Devour the monk yuan Ying everywhere. And eventually aroused public anger. And was encircled and suppressed. When I heard this. Han Li frowned and asked: "About the war of encircling and suppressing this demon land.". I have heard some outside rumors. There are all kinds of places. But the two great monks and one of the Mulan Masters did it at the same time. Is it true that the demon was not killed on the spot? As two brothers. Should know the true result!? When you say that. Han Li's expression became unconsciously dignified. The ancient devil is fierce. Now think about it. He still felt a burst of fear. Encircle and suppress the first battle of this demon land. Neither of us attended. But according to the information from the alliance. The ancient land of the devil was indeed mortally wounded. However, it was still used a strange secret to escape,316 stainless steel plate, but to the sun and others have been in hot pursuit. Want to get rid of evil. As a result, they chased each other to the edge of Mulan grassland. Because of the fear of abrupt people to cultivate immortals. Had to give up tracking. But so many years have passed. This ancient demon has not reappeared in Tiannan. And the situation on the side of the abrupt person is also calm and quiet. It seems that the demon did not really die of serious injuries. He crossed the Mulan Grassland to Dajin. The old man explained to Han Li in detail. Go to Dajin? Hearing this, Han Li could not help but change his face slightly. () But then it was back to normal.

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