Mortal Immortal [End]

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  • Mortal Immortal [End]

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    Mortal Immortal [End]

    "There's no need to be delusional. These prisoners are specially made. Even people who open hundreds of mysterious orifices can't break them." At that moment, a voice sounded from outside, and then a tall figure came in. It was the morning sun. He was followed by a grey-robed young man with black skin and fine eyes, standing with his head bowed and his expression respectful. Chenyang, I don't think I've done anything against you, and I've promised to join Xuancheng. Why did you plot against me? Han Li was not surprised by the appearance of the morning sun. He glanced sideways and said slowly. Tut, Li Daoyou is calm in the face of danger. He is really good-hearted. But your words are naive and ridiculous. Do you have to offend me before I will deal with you. This empty land is a prison. We are vicious prisoners. Do you want to see justice here? The morning sun sneered and said contemptuously. I have been taught. Now that I have fallen into your hands, I wonder what you are going to do with me? Han Liwen frowned and said calmly. Li Daoyou can rest assured that although we are prisoners, we are not bloodthirsty maniacs. This is the Xuandouchang of Qingyang City. We prisoners have nothing to do after hunting scaly beasts and practicing. The days are very boring. Watching gladiatorial fights and gambling can be said to be the only fun. And this Xuandouchang is the gold swallowing cave of the Lord of the city, a cornucopia. Li Daoyou, you are a human race. It is extremely rare for a human race to accumulate scales in the air. If you come out to participate in the competition, I think there must be a lot of people to see it. The morning sun smiled faintly, but the smile made people shudder. Is that why you arrested me? When Han Li heard this, his eyes narrowed and he asked in a deep voice. Xuancheng does not support useless people. If you want to live well here, you should play well. As long as you can prove your worth, you may be able to win freedom. Chenyang was noncommittal and said lightly. When Han Li heard this, his face was uncertain. The man will be handed over to you. Chen Yang paid no more attention to Han Li and said to the grey-robed young man behind him. Lord Chen,uns s32750 sheet, please rest assured that I will teach this man well and there will be no mistakes. The grey-robed youth promised hastily. Very good! I'm tired. I'm going to rest for a while. The morning sun yawned, then turned and walked outside. Where are Chen Daoyou, Shi Daoyou and Crab Taoist now? When Han Li saw him leave, he asked in a hurry. But the morning sun did not pay any attention to Han Li's meaning, the figure quickly disappeared outside the door. Chapter eight hundred and sixty Xuan fighters and Xuan arena After the young man in gray respectfully sent the morning sun out of the house, he turned around and walked back with a grim smile on his face. He grabbed Han Li's shackles and pulled him up,x70 line pipe, then lifted his other arm and suddenly turned into a shadow that hit Han Li in the lower abdomen. There was a dull thud! The grey-robed youth's fist was so powerful and sharp that it was like a rotating steel knife stabbing him in the stomach. Han Li felt that his internal organs were almost reversed, his face turned red in an instant, and then he turned pale again. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, and he could not help snorting. Hey, hey, boy, how does this punch feel? Said the grey-robed youth with a sinister smile. Han Li coughed a few times and bowed his head in silence. You are an honest boy. When you get here, you have to be obedient even if you have great ability. Otherwise, I don't mind giving you a better taste. Grey-robed youth saw this scene, his face showed a trace of satisfaction, and then took out the key to open the shackles on Han Li's body. Han was surprised and stood up slowly with one hand on the ground. Don't try to escape. Look at your chest. Said the grey-robed youth with a sneer. Han Liwen looked down, then noticed the slight bulge on his heart, uns c70600 ,x60 line pipe, hurriedly swept it with divine consciousness, and his face changed. He saw a black centipede sitting on his heart, and its sharp feet flashed black light, clinging to his heart. That's my unique secret bug, the black robber bug. If you dare to run away or try to get rid of the black robber bug, the bug will immediately bite your heart and make your death unspeakable. Grey-robed youth saw Han Li's face and said proudly. Han Li's face was cloudy and sunny, but he soon regained his calm. Grey-robed youth originally intended to appreciate Han Li's lost appearance, never thought the other side so quickly calmed down the mood, can not help but feel bored.

    "Humph!"! Here, this is your number plate. Come with me and introduce you to the situation here. With a snort, the young man took out a black token and threw it over, then walked outside. Han Li took the token, only to see his name "Li Feiyu" written on one side of the token, the other side is a big "nine" character, there are three slightly smaller fonts below, three three two. His eyes moved slightly, but he did not open his mouth to ask, but took an honest step to follow. Han Li looked at the grey-robed youth defenseless back, but did not have any resistance to the attack, from the punch just now, the strength of the grey-robed youth is not weak, at least in the body through the mysterious orifice with him almost. The two men quickly went out of the stone room and came to a long aisle. At the end, a hall appeared in front of them. The space inside the hall is huge, with a full size of thousands of feet. The walls are built with a kind of black stone, engraved with black lines. There was a faint black light on the black wall, which made it look indestructible. The front of the hall was connected to the outside, and the bright light shone in, and at the same time there were bursts of cheers coming in from the outside, which seemed to be very lively. In the deepest part of the hall, there was a white stone table several feet long, behind which sat seven or eight Demons in crimson costumes, who seemed to be the staff here. Many people gathered in front of the stone table at the moment, all dressed in the same way, naked, wearing only a spacious cloak, knee-length shorts, waiting in line. On the walls on the left and right sides of the hall, there are doors, behind each door is a passage,a333 grade 6 pipe, I do not know where to go. Boy, remember this place. This is the main hall of Xuandou. It's the most important place for you. The stage of the competition is outside, and these people are all Xuandou fighters like you. The grey-robed youth glanced at Han Li and said carelessly.

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